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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 8th September 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - Data Protection

Amiga 1200 - Data Protection
If you have been following my blogs regarding the setting up the
external Seagate IDE you will appreciate that I have the Amiga
Technologies computer working now with the 3.0 ROM and OS and
using a Seagate external IDE hard drive. Took me a while to sort
out the MaxTransfer but with that all in hand I have been using
VidiAmiga and a DVD player to create some animations in DPaint.
The trouble with DPaint animations they can grow bigger than a
simple DD floppy disk and or HD to that matter.

And so I need to start backing up the drive and this needs another
drive to Parnet to. What I generally do is use a specific hard
drive connected to Graham, my A1200 in the A1500 case. I am not
intending explaining the joys of Graham here. Just check through
the INDEX for details.

I had thought I would use that second Seagate but sadly I think
the days of overuse with my Win95 machine has finally made the
drive a little delicate. So I grabbed a Quantum from an old
Amiga 4000 and that is proving just fine. Graham is a wonderful
machine cus I literally can use hard drives like volumes of
books and swap them out and put them on a shelf.

First though I needed to get another Amiga Technologies A1200
set up with the IDE. I prep the drives on the bench and then
simply transfer to Graham. Unfortunately the computer I wanted
to use appears to have the LED lights missing. So I grabbed my
big box of A1200 goodies and delved in deep to find some LEDs.

Once I had fitted those and installed the A4000HD being mindful
of needing to set the MaxTransfer correctly as 0x1F00 to work
with the IDE I was ready to transfer to Graham.

I have this makeshift bench in one of the main rooms where I
swap out all kinds of kit using the 1084s monitor. I have included
a picture of the bench listing all that is currently in and around
the computer. And so I very quickly had the drive in Graham and
with the Parnet connected copied all the data from the Seagate drive
that I am using with the VidiAmiga.

Tomorrow I plan on installing a good accelerator to the Amiga and
moving to a location where I can sit and use in comfort. Anyway
this is a record of my fun and games today including some of the
contents of my box of Amiga goodies. Dunno where I would be
without my stock of spare bits and pieces.

Amiga 1200 Data Transfer

My busy bench.. used for testing Amigas.

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