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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 9th September 2018: Post 02: Why Struggle

Why Struggle
The question is why struggle with all this old kit when I can so
easily emulate all that I do. And the answer is cus I can. For me
emulation is like food without taste. An emulator is just about
software. Just software. It has to be cus the hardware has absolutely
nothing what so ever to do with the AMIGA. You cannot see, feel,
hear and saturate your senses with the Amiga. You cannot listen
to clicking drives, whirring 2.5" hard drives and feel those
Amiga keys that respond so differently to a modern keyboard. It
really is the difference between sitting in a simulator and or
flying the real aeroplane. The experiences are so different it
is beyond comparison.

And so I say 'participate don't emulate', and stop fooling yourself.
You cannot download an actual DD floppy disk from the internet,
and all those ADFs you have are but a facsimile of the real thing.
Amiga credentials are valid only if you have the real thing. Anyone
can copy stuff. A picture in a book is not the real painting.

It takes great effort to actually get kit running and working
these days. Fortunately there are those in the Amiga community
that still do it. Because of their efforts the 'ACTUAL' Amiga has
a chance of surviving. So be a survivor and stop kidding yourself
you're an enthusiast, when in fact all you are doing is collecting
data, and trust me anyone can do that. It takes a special kind
of effort to click that that button on an Amiga brick and sit
back and watch the magic happen on screen. Lose yourself in a
real Amiga. There really is nothing like it.

Bugga.. my cuppa has gone cold.

Why struggle like this


Just out of interest. There are nine
Amigas in this photograph. Can you name them ?

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