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The cameras of my life - Sorry for not cleaning the older cameras
I fear that they might just fall apart, they are so fragile

Zenit E

cx-2 cx-2 cx-2 cx-2

First Camera

Bought from my moms catalogue and paid for on the drip this camera
really did knock my socks off the first time I used it. I took a
series of black and white pictures and for the first time understood
the power of depth of field. I realised the beauty of focussing on
just parts of an image. Every picture seemed to be a work of art

The camera lasted me for my degree in architecture and travelled
with me to France. I loved the Zenit and during this period
spent a lot of time developing my own images.

Cosina CX-2

cx-2 cx-2 cx-2 cx-2

College Days

1981 and set to undertake a major study of hotels in Birmingham
My old Zenit was getting very tired and I needed something a
touch more flexible. I ventured into Brum and used some more
of that ACCESS credit that I had no idea how I was going to
ever pay off.

This camera has been hammered. It has travelled to the far reaches
of Europe and used and abused to an extreme. By the time this
mini wonder was retired it must have taken a gzillion pictures.
College in those days was very photographic dependant and I have
to say this camera never ever let me down. Classic.

Nikon EM

Nikon Nikon

Stolen Images

I do not have images of my treasured third camera given that
it was stolen. I had travelled to Edinburgh to deliver an
entry for an architectural competition and on the way back
stopped at a friends. We went for a drink and in the few minutes
I was in the pub the hire car was stolen. Lost was the camera.

The Nikon was my pride and joy and much loved. I travelled to
Italy with the camera on two occasions and spent many a happy
hour taking photographs. A sad loss.


I have not included pictures of the Sony Handy-CAM as I have
featured only still cameras here. I used the Sony from 1990
through to 1998, predominantly for image capture linked to the Amiga

Epson 850Z

Epson Epson Epson Epson

Simply the Best

In the late 90's the office spent a small fortune on this came
The camera transformed photography as I knew it giving me for
the first time instant still images. The quality from this camera
is still better than any other digital camera since. It was a sad day
when she finally packed in and I have never found a replacement.

Epson Epson Epson

Panasonic Lumix

Lumix Lumix Lumix Lumix

Second Best

Probably the most disappointing piece of hardware I have ever bought

Canon Powershot G7



Another office gift and one which I did struggle with. I was very
tempted to give up photography all together but in the end I am glad
I didn't give in. The taking of pictures is a real struggle. Sadly
you just cannot trust what you see in the image viewer. Thank goodness
I didn't rely on this camera when pictures had to be developed.

All the images for the update have been taken using this camera.

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