Commodore Amiga Retro


No suprise that I am a great fan of gadgets
And so here are just a few ...

HP iPAQ hw6910

ipaq i8paq ipaq ipaq

The first time I saw a hand held I just knew I had to have one
Like many things that I have acquired in my lifetime ....
'the having' was more important than the needing. I certainly
never needed this mini computer. To be honest, what with the
short battery life.. the synchronising and the rather obscure
OS, the iPAQ was generally useless.

Sony Walkman MiniDisc

minidisc minidisc minidisc minidisc

Probably Sony's last great bad idea. Not sure why Sony didn't
see the demise of hardware storage in the form of discs. The
equipment may be a mini marvel, but in truth the use of
interchangable storage media was about to be buried by MP3
And so this unit had a very short life cycle. I also puchased
a hifi system with the minidisc and still use both. Though I
have to say its more of a novelty than a useful tool

minidisc minidisc minidisc

Sony Walkman MiniDisc Player May 2005

It's the silver gadget with the orange display

minidisc minidisc

My Windows 98 desktop in August 2005

Sony Walkman

Walkman Walkman Walkman Walkman

I actually contacted Sony and asked if they still sold a
tape player. Man was I suprised when they told me 'yes'

Sony Walkman


Bang up to date... well nearly. This little beauty gets
really hammered. Great gadget and a very good buy

Olympus Voice Recorder


I have spent a lifetime writing stuff down. From surveys to minutes of
meetings. I never used a voice recorder and swore never to use one. Then
one day I was faced with the possibility of losing my sight. I got to
thinking just how I would find stuff if I couldn't see. Things like
telephone numbers, passwords, addresses. Not to mention descriptives
of all my favourite things. Anyway I bought this voice recorder and
spent a reasonable amount of time recording my everyday life.... until
I got bored. I can still see, and in truth if I couldn't, I wouldn't
know how to use the giszmo to listen to the recordings anyway.

Just another gadget in the end....

Pop Quiz


So what exactly would I have been listening to in 1987
on my Aiwa cassette player with inbuilt graphic equaliser


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