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Back the **** up

Man do I enjoy backing stuff up

USB Drives USB Drives USB Drives USB Drives

USB Drives USB Drives USB Drives USB Drives

USB Drives USB Drives USB Drives USB Drives

With Windows 7 came a desire to keep my computer as uncluttered
as possible. Consequently I invested in a 500GB hard drive. I then
bought another to back that up. Sadly the Seagate drives suffered
from a dreadful fatal click problem that caused me to worry a little
about external USB drives. Further, some have annoying software that
insists on stepping in, along with shutting down frequency being too
high. I did get a response from one of the manufacturers about the
settings for winding the thing down, but they couldn't help.

One thing always lead to another and I seemed destined to keep
getting a newer and better model. Each time they grew in size
The latest I have are 3GB and the last two both Seagate have been
most stable. The last though was supposed to be for Mac and PC but
for some reason will not let me customise icons. The trick I think
is to get one that powers on all the time and has a very good level
of ventilation

In respect of the smaller drives you just cannot trust them. Trick
is to watch very carefully for disc activity from the lights before
unplugging them. I would also always eject a USB stick rather than
just pull it out. I have lost both sticks and Passports from simply
pulling them out without waiting for activity to stop

And always but always have two copies of everything
and have a regular backing up regime

You can also live on a cloud.... but I wouldn't

USB Drives

Incredibly well used and in some cases worn out sticks


Above one of my first 500GB External USB drives

Discs Discs

' Go round the outside '

This drive suffered from a broken connector due
to being plugged in and plugged out too many times
Used as a work back up machine and now sadly broken

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