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12th July 2015 additions

1060 electron acorn pippin

a1200 Office Office Kit Office Kit

It has been some five years since I last did a major update
Sadly in that time I have not been able to add very much to
the collection. I simply do not have any more space here.
I have resisted much but still managed to get a few treasured
items to fill in some of the spaces.

The special mention here has to be the Amiga 1060 which has
been on my hit list for like ever.... So relieved

Whilst the site has not benefited from too many new additions
I have updated many pages with both new content and additional
material. I am also starting to upgrade images to 900 pixel high
I will enhance and improve pages and add further detail, which
was always the intention when I got more time...

I am scuzz... enjoy

Proud to have a working Amiga in 2015

. . . New Stuff for July 2015 . . .

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