Books of DoNEmRysPrca

Written by me scink [ scuzz ]

I give you just a taste. Obviously I'm not going
to disclose the full works. After all they are written
for my own amusement.

HE||o - Your journey starts here


Journey with Clara to Chandraise Kingdom where anything is possible

~ Clara Veiga the fictional character ~

~ Clara Veiga the supermodel ~


In search of the Island of Pjeschioscho

Journeys End

My books are dedicated to Clara Veiga
The goddess of inspiration

PS You should know that all that I do including my stories
drawings, music and this website is for my own entertainment.
There are no adverts on this site. I sell nothing and ask for nothing.
And so a series of stories about nothing is pretty apt don't you think

I am scuzz or scink.. just your average nobody. Chasing ghosts.

Last updated 23rd January 2020

Chandraise Kingdom

Keep the Faith
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