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Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine

The end of an era ... for me

In 1996 I purchased a Windows PC. I was not too proud of
what I did but sadly with each passing month there was
less and less being manufactured and sold in respect of
my beloved Amiga. Escom closed, Debenhams closed their
PC section. Game closed their basement section for the
Amiga and sold everything off. The magazines became thin
and then vanished completely. I even ventured into a PC
store to see if there was anything I could buy for my Amiga,
and all I found was a disk box. I could have struggled on,
but I really didn't view my activities in those days retro
I wanted the best and fastest I could afford. I needed a CD
drive on a PC and I needed the internet. Was so distressing
to even consider abandoning my Amiga workstation area

For many years after I purchased the Win95 machine I kept
the Amiga alive and never touched the area where she sat.
There has never been a time when the Amiga has not been
alive here. But, my main computer moved to the PC proper in
November 1996 when I finally brought it upstairs and onto
this desk behind the Amiga 1200. And I am still here. I
never occupied the place where the Amiga sat. She is down
in the workroom now surrounded by several Amigas. But, the
place where she sat is not where I ever resided with the PC.

Anyway here are a few memories from that era which kinda
reflect the state of the Amiga world for that time. I include
images of the three dominant magazines for the year

CU - Computing - Format

All published in July 1996

End of the line for Shopper

Amiga Shopper

Subscription: October 1996

Subscription: Christmas 1996

' ... and will continue for as long as possible '

Subscription: January 1997

Must have been hell at Shopper. I guess David was wishing
it was January 1996 and he could have another year

Sadly, three issues of the Subscription Letter for
Amiga Shopper which signalled the end of the road
for this wonderful publication. The last editions
of the magazine were so distressingly thin. So sad


Backstage: December Issue 117

Sadly the end of CU Amiga also.... Putting on a brave face
Did manage to last a little longer than Shopper


The last I received was Summer of 1996

Amiga Program

Magazine of the Home Computer Club 1996

World of Amiga 1996




BACKSTAGE: Issues 92-100

Beer, Food and Team 17. Leave some for me

Backstage: January Issue 93

I won't have anything said about Didcot Parkway

Backstage: February Issue 94

This was the last issue that lovely Art Ed
Linda Benson worked her desktop publishing
magic on the pages of Amiga Format.....
Evidently she left a trail of broken hearts


Backstage: March Issue 95

I remember Andrea's True Connection


Backstage: April Issue 96

Just watch those orthographics


Backstage: May Issue 97

Dig the jumper


Backstage: June Issue 98

Nick Veitch has Maniac-Balls, seriously


Backstage: July Issue 99

What on earth is wibbling ?


Backstage: August Issue 100

Anyone for cricket ?

And now for the disks

Amiga Format

Subscription Disks 92-100 1996

Download: Subs92 - Subs93

Download: Subs96 - Subs97

Download: Subs92 -

EXTRA: Subs90 - Subs91

Amiga Format

July 1996

Download: af86a - af86b

CU Amiga

July 1996

Download: cu136 - Primal Rage Not Available

Primal Rage is one of those annoying copy protected
disks. The game is by Time Warner and in truth you are
not missing anything. The game was designed by Probe
Entertainment. The scene looks like Stone Henge and
you are supposed to take control of a dinosaur, though
although I was able to move the creature I could not
make him fight. Kinda simplistic and rather annoying

Amiga Format

Subscription Disks 92-100 1996

Download: Subs94 - Subs95

Download: Subs98 - Subs99

Amiga Computing

July 1996

Download: ac101a - ac101b


Just for the hell of it

Download: ac41

I felt kinda bad not being able to give you Primal Rage so
as a treat I include Amiga Computing's very splendid ...
stereoMASTER.. which is nothing like Primal Rage. It was
either that or a pork pie.

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House of Sian PD Disks For You

From my collections of disk
boxes of which I have literally
hundreds. Many have been
retained as an original users
set. This box commemorates
the Amiga life of a great
Amigan - Colin

Box Number 01

pd0025 G602 Megaball
pd0032 G606 Mayhem
pd0001 G611 C.C.Games#13
Pontoon Daleks Zerg Callisto
pd0023 G660 Wordsquare
pd0027 G6014 Ultimate Card
Games Klondike Kings
Corner Black Jack Yachtc
pd0031 G6015 Skoda Chall
pd0029 G6050 Zynk Yachtc
pd0030 G6052 DynamiteDick
pd0004 G6054 Balders Grove
pd0026 G6056 Cashfruit
pd0034 G6059 MegaCheats
pd0024 G6064 Solitair
pd0028 G6080 Shanghai 93
pd0035 NN AGA Megaball
pd0036 APD110 Crossfire
pd0037 B327 TextEngine v4.0
pd0038 NN TextEngine v5.0
pd0033 U4060 Starview

pd0016 1738 CardSharp V1.0
pd0015 1758 Quadrix
pd0017 2176 Crossmaze
pd0002 2924 Frustration
pd0010 2658A StarBase 13
pd0011 2658B StarBase Data
pd0022 2731 Exit 13
pd0012 2843 Games Galore
pd0020 2889A Talisman A
pd0021 2889B Talisman B
pd0014 3944 FreeCell
pd0018 Asi27 Video Poker
pd0013 Asi37 Paccer Pod
pd0019 Asi119 Trix-Trax

pd0003 Unk Dragon Tiles
pd0051 G009 Dominos
pd0058 G011 Games II
pd0045 G015 Chess Tiles
pd0055 G016 Dice Games
pd0050 G017 Air Warrior
pd0048 G054 Golden Fleece
pd0041 G102 Pipe Lines
pd0060 G106 Dragon Tiles
pd0005 G165 Darksword 1
pd0044 G237 Scrabble
pd0039 G238 Dragons Cave
pd0046 G256 Insider Club
pd0056 G263 Shapes
pd0057 G361 China Ch II
pd0007 G362 Deluxe Pacman
pd0049 G389 Casino Games
pd0047 G416 Legend Lothian
pd0054 G417 RAD
pd0059 G431 Nester Cards
pd0054 G465 Chess II
pd0040 E022 Language Tutor
pd0008 U312 Filo Fax
pd0043 U363 Disk Repair
pd0009 Fed Fish 702
pd0042 LSD 29 Harlequin

pd0061 G121A - Relics of
Deldroneye. Disk A
pd0062 G121B - Relics of
Deldroneye. Disk B
pd0063 G121C - Relics of
Deldroneye. Disk C
pd0064 G121D - Relics of
Deldroneye. Disk D
pd0066 G41 Waynes World Pong
pd0065 U89 Nostromo Solutions
pd0067 U99 1000 Cheats

pd0006 G348 Rummy+Parnet

C O M P U T E R - E Y E S
pd0068 S:0046 Typing Tutor
pd0069 Ursa X Stitch Master

T H E - D I S K
pd0070 THE DISK - Issue 1
pd0071 THE DISK - Issue 2
pd0072 THE DISK - Issue 3
pd0073 THE DISK - Issue 4
All for September 1991

This disk box has always
been simply known as BOX 2

Box Number 02

pd0074 102 Music Utilities
pd0075 103 Digital Concert 4
pd0087 111 RAVE
pd0088 119A Derek'n'Clive
pd0089 119B Derek'n'Clive
pd0084 120 BatDance Remix
pd0085 206 Demo Compilation
pd0090 214 Silents MegaDemo
pd0091 218A Silents Fantasy
pd0092 218B Silents Fantasy
pd0093 222A BudBrain MD
pd0094 222B BudBrain MD
pd0076 229A RAF MegaDemo
pd0077 229B RAF MegaDemo
pd0078 230A RedSector MD
pd0079 230B RedSector MD
pd0095 233A Policemans Ball
pd0096 233B Policemans Ball
pd0097 304 Mandel Moutins
pd0098 307 Luxo Teenager
pd0080 308 Nightbreed Slides
pd0081 314 Real 3D
pd0086 402 Fraxion Horror
pd0082 412 Education of
Cool Coogar
pd0083 502 WordProcessor
pd0099 505 Ghostwriter
pd0100 510 E.S.A. Utilities
pd0101 701 Drip Game

pd0102 Japanese Dictionary
pd0103 Japanese Dict - 1

pd0129 Ncomm v3.0

pd0130 D005 SOTA Spaceballs

pd0107 031 SpaceWriter
pd0104 032 SpaceWriter Modules
pd0105 17Bit 184 - SpaceWriter
pd0106 C A T A L O G U E
pd0108 037 Mash Intros 6
pd0109 199 M Jackson BAD
pd0110 337 Mega Utils
pd0111 342 Utils Disk 22
pd0112 429 Animations
pd0113 573 Busy Bee Ani
pd0114 597 Party Pack II
pd0115 607 Digital Dreams
pd0116 638 Loonmations
pd0117 659 The Essentials
pd0118 791 Intuition The
pd0119 872 Horror Pics
pd0120 882 Fillet'o'Fish
pd0121 914 Stealthy II

A.P.E. Public Domain
pd0122 Magic Wb v2.0
pd0123 Magic Wb Etras 1/2
pd0124 Magic Wb Etras 2/2
pd0125 A1200 Final Test
pd0128 AIBB v6.5 Test Amiga
pd0126 StarTrek B'drops 1/2
pd0127 StarTrek B'drops 2/2

pd0131 MUI v2.3
pd0132 MUI v2.3 Cover Disk
pd0133 GPU5 D1
Tools for KS1
pd0134 GPU5 D2
Tools for KS1
pd0135 GFC-S2-1
pd0136 GFC-S2-2
pd0137 HDT-S2-Disk1
pd0138 HDT-S2-Disk2
pd0139 GRL D1 Wet Girls
pd0140 GRL D2 More Girls
pd0141 GRL D3 Wet Girls

This is an Official
Central Licenceware Reg
Copyright Disk

pd0142 CLU7 PHILO
pd0143 CLU16 X Stitch Master
pd0144 CLE.03A Solar System
pd0145 CLE.03B Solar System
pd0146 CLU 2 Fish Indexer
pd0147 CLE8 Night Sky

pd0148 Sof 245 Disk 1 Acc
pd0149 Sof 245 Disk 2 Acc1
pd0150 Sof 246 Disk 1 Acc
pd0151 Sof 246 Disk 2 Acc1
pd0152 FF90
pd0153 APDC7

pd0154 APD36 AMOS1.36u
pd0155 APD373 AMOS Comp
pd0156 PU425 Magic WB
pd0157 Lockpick2
pd0158 F909 EasyCalc2 Full V

pd0159 First Samuri D1
pd0160 First Samuri D2
pd0161 Lotus Turbo Espirt
pd0162 Amiga Classics D1
pd0163 Amiga Classics D2
pd0164 Amiga Classics D3
pd0165 Golden Axe
pd0166 Wolf Child D1
pd0167 Wolf Child D2

'Set your faces to stun'
as I wow with you more from
the scuzz demo collection

pd0169 MFI Dem Disk#10
pd0170 Deathstar Demo1
pd0171 Deathstar Demo2
pd0172 Megalo Demo
pd0173 Triangle GigaDemo
pd0174 Tit Fact+Techno Force
pd0175 MARS - Pump Up
pd0176 ShowANIM - cycle
pd0177 MASH Booter
pd0178 Sinners - Rendezvous
pd0179 Alcatraz First
pd0180 Mash Crash Demo I
pd0181 Walker Demo 1MB
pd0182 Walker Demo Trailer
pd0183 Zero Defex Demo
pd0184 MASH - TUPS Demo
pd0185 DEMOReel
pd0186 DEMOReel Data
pd0187 Crusaders Back2Base
pd0188 Now Thats Vol 5
pd0189 A L F
pd0190 Fletch New ALF Mix II
pd0191 Synth Sounds Vol 1
pd0192 D.O.C. Demo 1988
pd0193 The Silents Demo
pd0194 Now Thats Vol 1
pd0196 Now Thats Vol 2
pd0195 Now Thats Vol 3
pd0197 Arswipe-Merseyside
pd0198 Spacewriter by VFPD
pd0199 8Bits of Music SpaceWriter
pd0200 Now Thats Vol 4
pd0201 Random Access
pd0202 Mash Intros 4
Barbrian - RasterMagic
pd0203 Mash Intros 5
MegaForce- Balls
pd0204 Mash Intros 6
Sinners II Demo
pd0205 Mash Intros 7
The SIN Demo
pd0206 Mash Intros 8
GURU Panic
pd0207 Mash Intros 9
pd0208 Mash Intros 10
Tristar - LPA - Sunriders
pd0209 Mash Intros 11
Crush - MegaForce
pd0210 Mash Intros 12
IT Demo - SAE Demo
pd0211 Mash Intros 13
SOS - SoundSelect
pd0212 Mash Intros 14
Cascade - Mirage
pd0213 Mash Intros 15
Alcatraz - MightyBobs
pd0214 Mash Intros 16
Kefrens - Moonlighting
pd0215 Mash Intros 17
Academy - Creative Thoughts
pd0216 Music Invasion IIIA
pd0217 Music Invasion IIIB
MCS of Jungle Command

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