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~ November 27th 2023 ~

Following on from yesterdays film theme and
the lack of Commodore references in Blade Runner,
there are plenty to be found in John Wick. The
VIC 20 appears in John Wick 2, albeit running
though not switched on and lacking power connector.
And the C64 appears in John Wick 3. I have it on
good authority that The Pet appears in the latest
film though I haven't seen that yet.

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~ November 26th 2023 ~

Found it quite interesting following the
timeline of the Terminator series of stories
and watching quite a few videos on YouTube.

One item of kit that appears in Terminator II
is the Atari Portfolio featured below. The
name Atari appears on a number of buildings
in Blade Runner. Sadly no Commodore references.


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~ November 24th 2023 ~

Big box acceleration

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That Neo Geo.

Previously on scuzzblog: NEO GEO - What's with the big joystick thingy

The art of hacking.

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~ November 23rd 2023 ~

Simple networking

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~ November 22nd 2023 ~

More from the archives

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~ November 21st 2023 ~

Copying stuff ... Highly dubious !

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~ November 20th 2023 ~

November 20th 2001: scuzzblog: Amiga 500 Plus battery damage - Cleaning up.

~ November 19th 2023 ~

Your very own Amiga heaven

Building your very own Amiga heaven. If you
love the Amiga then go for broke and surround
yourself with these wondrous machines. Include
also as many magazines, disks, peripherals and
add-ons as you can. Just have fun with it.

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Old skool Amiga acceleration

I discovered very early on that an 030 accelerator
is the absolute minimum you should always have set
up on your Amiga 1200. I have stood by this during
my years of using the A1200 and I really couldn't
use the computer without one.

My first was the GVP 1230 Turbo but I soon moved
over to the Blizzard 1230IV as this was way more
compatible with all my kit and software.

The extreme accelerator is the Apollo 060, but be
aware that this can be a touch temperamental.

Acceleration will speed up all your Workbench tasks
and open windows quicker and process information
such as file management, archiving and Parnet much
speedier and expand the numbers of files handled.

If you play a game like SimCity 2000 you will see
immediately how much more quickly the movement
around your map becomes and the refresh rate and
zooming in and out is seamless.

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A word about SCSI

A word about RAM boards, the Squirrel and PCMCIA.
The Amiga 1200 benefits greatly from SCSI if you
are going old skool. But be aware that some cards
conflict with the PCMCIA slot. Also if you use the
PCMCIA for the Squirrel you lose the Ethernet slot.

Better is to source a dedicated SCSI KIT for the
Blizzard or the GVP which gives you a port on the
rear of the machine and so frees up the PCMCIA.

Previously on scuzzblog: GVP A1291 SCSI KIT.

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Memory issues

First problem I had on the Amiga 1200 was with
lack of memory. This was particularly important
with Video capture or any animation work. A RAM
board can be a simple fix though memory is easily
added to most accelerators.

Sadly of all the cards I have issue with the RAM
boards seem to be the most problematic. If the
card has easily interchangeable memory then that
helps a lot. Memory being the cause of failures.

For me I used a PCMCIA RAM card though this did
give for some interesting issues with some games.

Previously on scuzzblog: Amiga RAM boards - Amitek Hawk, Magnum, Micronik RCA.

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Clara Veiga 10th January 2021

My favourite Amiga artwork.
Designing book covers on the Amiga.
Created with PPaint and DPaint.

Enter the Doppelganger of Miss Fortune*18


~ November 18th 2023 ~

A500 - Need for speed.

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~ November 17th 2023 ~

November 17th 1701: scuzzblog: A1200 Heaven - My 31 Amiga 1200 Computers.

November 17th 1702: scuzzblog: A1200 Heaven - Stars in the making.

November 17th 1703: scuzzblog: A1200 Heaven - The salvage yard.

~ November 16th 2023 ~

November 16th 1601: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 No 1 - The Workhorse.

Previously on scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - It's a kind of magic

This Amiga 1200 Magic Pack was purchased as
a replacement for my first Amiga 1200 but has
yet to be used. With the A1200 I purchased the
Analogic CD-ROM which throughout its life has been
used with the Amiga 1200 featured above.

~ November 15th 2023 ~

Smooth Operators
It wasn't unheard of for big name computers
to strip down from their keyboard form factor
to a more smooth and sleek body shape ...

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~ November 14th 2023 ~

November 14th 1401: scuzzblog: Flight of the Amazon Queen - Amiga.

~ November 13th 2023 ~

Those two Prince of Persia type games ..
Flashback and Another World

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Universe from Core

Previously on scuzzblog: Universe - Not really a Core game.

Gaming on the Amiga

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~ November 12th 2023 ~

November 12th 1201: scuzzblog: Tomb Raider Remastered - Prince of Persia.

~ November 11th 2023 ~

November 11th 1101: scuzzblog: Trolls Flair Software: Giving me the run around.

~ November 10th 2023 ~

November 10th 1001: scuzzblog: November 2005 Additions - Quite a memorable list.

~ November 9th 2023 ~

Some of my favourite things

Nintendo make computing childs play
Famicom the Family Computer... Truly amazing !

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~ November 8th 2023 ~

I seem to have spent a lot of time lately
watching videos featuring Steve Wozniak.
Frequent readers will know that I have little
love for Apple, but I do have a lot of time
for Steve Wozniak. To me it is kinda sad that
a great mind like that of Wozniak couldn't
have developed further after he stopped his
work at Apple. Like lower league football clubs
that benefit from an ageing striker I can think
of a few companies that would have excelled with
him joining them. Such a waste really. I am sure
he would have enjoyed performing his wizardry on
new and different turf.

Anyhoo here is a blog I wrote about AppleDOS
plus some pics of the Apple machines I have.

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~ November 7th 2023 ~

I was once less than complementary about
the build of the Amiga 1000. I have always
found the plastic case a little fragile when
supporting a heavy monitor. The unit really
was screaming out for a metal case. Anyway,
I decided to go on the hunt for a couple of
old Amiga 1000s that lay trapped at the base
of a pile of stored computers and having found
them, featured not only the computers themselves
but also all the items laying above them.

If you navigate to January 2018 from the index
page you can see the other blogs relating to
the Amiga 1000 with images of the insides.

One is a European build and the other US.
Can you spot the difference ?

Previously on scuzzblog: A1000 - Sense I was a little hard

~ November 6th 2023 ~

I have been reflective this week of the
generosity of fellow Amigans whose spirit
lives on in the gifts they granted me for
the collection. Their endeavours, efforts
dedication will never be forgotten.

So much of what I have was given to me freely
to preserve the kit and to record and make
available online via the website. In time I
will need to pass on what I have. Hopefully I
can find someone as crazy mental as me.

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~ November 5th 2023 ~

So what was gaming like for me on the A1200 ?

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~ November 4th 2023 ~

November 4th 0401: scuzzblog: Tomb Raider - In short simply legendary.

Previously on scuzzblog: Games Books - Pt 2 Tomb Raider

~ November 3rd 2023 ~

I was very fortunate to have discovered a
few very useful helping hands style books
to aid my understanding of the Amiga 1200
when I first purchased her in 1993.

previously on scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 Beginners Pack.

Previously on scuzzblog: Amiga Assign and ED.


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