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The home of my Commodore Amiga collection
plus pretty much every home computer ever made


My name is scuzz. On this site you will find my
private collection of Amiga and retro computers.
Including all the disks, magazines, software, books,
videos, expansions, peripherals, cards, cover disks
floppy drives, monitors, printers etc etc etc etc.

Gotta go. Got a date with a ghost.

J A N U A R Y - 2 0 2 2

~ January 26th 2022 ~

January 26th 2601: scuzzblog: Popular Computing - Commodore launch the Amiga.

~ January 25th 2022 ~

January 25th 2501: scuzzblog: ESCAPE From The PLANET Of The ROBOT MONSTERS.

~ January 24th 2022 ~

January 24th 2401: scuzzblog: Amiga Tower - The only way is up.

~ January 23rd 2022 ~

January 23rd 2301: scuzzblog: The A500 PAD - Chip, Fast or Slow memory.

~ January 22nd 2022 ~

January 22nd 2201: scuzzblog: The perils of buying old cover disks.

~ January 21st 2022 ~

January 21st 2101: scuzzblog: Amiga Format Cover Disk 33 - Myth or a Hit.

~ January 20th 2022 ~

January 20th 2001: scuzzblog: Sinclair - The first affordable home computer.

~ January 19th 2022 ~

January 19th 1901: scuzzblog: Star Trek - Back to the old frontier.

~ January 18th 2022 ~

January 18th 1801: scuzzblog: VIDEON video digitizer for the Amiga.

~ January 17th 2022 ~

January 17th 1701: scuzzblog: Trojan Amiga Lightpen and Kwikdraw.

January 16th 1601: scuzzblog: Liberation Captive II - Not in the same Universe.

Previously on scuzzblog: Universe - Not really a Core game.

~ January 15th 2022 ~

January 15th 1501: scuzzblog: Compaq Deskpro 4000 - Amiga and Acorn support.

January 14th 1401: scuzzblog: Amiga Computing - Pocket Companion.

January 14th 1402: scuzzblog: Dyna Blaster and Atomic Robo-Kid.

~ January 13th 2022 ~

January 13th 1301: scuzzblog: Blood Money - Disk swapping issues.

January 13th 1302: scuzzblog: Xenon - If all else fails.

~ January 12th 2022 ~

January 12th 1201: scuzzblog: Commodore Datassette - Rogue wire.

~ January 11th 2022 ~

January 11th 1101: scuzzblog: Z O O L - Amiga games never played.


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