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Commodore-Amiga-Retro ...

The home of my Commodore Amiga collection
plus pretty much every home computer ever made


My name is scuzz. On this site you will find my
private collection of Amiga and retro computers.
Including all the disks, magazines, software, books,
videos, expansions, peripherals, cards, cover disks
floppy drives, monitors, printers etc etc etc etc.

Gotta go. Got a date with a ghost.

M A Y - 2 0 2 3

~ May 16th 2023 ~

May 16th 1601: scuzzblog: Amiga Cheats - Non executing executables.

~ May 15th 2023 ~

May 15th 1501: scuzzblog: Backing up the 'Pensieve' - It's only a lifetime.

~ May 11th 2023 ~

May 11th 1101: scuzzblog: Commodore 1084S - Pesky monitor connectors.

~ May 10th 2023 ~

May 10th 1001: scuzzblog: Termite - Telecommunications for the Amiga.

~ May 9th 2023 ~

May 9th 0901: scuzzblog: AMD Kasumi - My Amiga AMD Carrier.

~ May 8th 2023 ~

May 8th 0801: scuzzblog: Playdays Paint - Alternative Software.

~ May 7th 2023 ~

May 7th 0701: scuzzblog: Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Nearly solved this.

May 7th 0702: scuzzblog: Mini magnetic Elvira.

~ May 6th 2023 ~

May 6th 0601: scuzzblog: Thomas the Tank Engine - More friends.

~ May 5th 2023 ~

May 5th 0501: scuzzblog: DVD Frenzy - Friday night is film night.

~ May 4th 2023 ~

May 4th 0401: scuzzblog: My computer bloodline - Logs to blogs.

~ May 3rd 2023 ~

May 3rd 0301: scuzzblog: Commodore 9R25 - Portable mini computer.

~ May 2nd 2023 ~

May 2nd 0201: scuzzblog: Absent from duty - Last month I was mostly.

~ May 1st 2023 ~

May 1st 0101: scuzzblog: Revue tripods - Failing fast.


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