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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2019

Entry 13th August 2019: Post 01: KIM-1. Keyboard Input Monitor.

KIM-1. Keyboard Input Monitor.

Having been sued by Motorola , MOS Technology modified their 6501
processor, rebranding it the 6502, but found themselves without a
machine capable of using the new processor.

Enter Chuck Peddle and his KIM-1 designed and released in 1976
primarily for use by engineers to test out the new 6502 processor.
However due to the low price of the board the KIM-1 became very
popular with hobbyists.

The board was supported by Tiny BASIC programming language which
could be used in conjunction with additional 4K RAM and the tape
interface. The tricky part was loading the 15 minute program from
the cassette.

Check out the Wiki entry  by clicking this link

All a matter of history now as Commodore acquired MOS Technologies
along with the 6502 chip and Chuck Peddle who became head of
engineering as part of the deal in 1976. And it was Peddle that
convinced Jack Tramiel to move into computers and so was born the
Commodore PET and the beginning of the computer age at Commodore.

So it could be said this little board was the beginning of Commodore
as we grew to know it, with Chuck Peddle in many ways the true
pioneer of Commodore as a computer giant.

Whilst I have every respect for Chuck Peddle, I am not sure how much
of a fan I am in truth. Whilst the KIM-1 isn't a Commodore I guess
it can be said that cus of the work of Chuck he was instrumental in
persuading Commodore to launch a computer range. However I am lead
to believe that he was not liked cus of his initial defection to
Apple. Plus he had been dragging his feet over the VIC chip Pet.
The KIM-1 itself was only produced cus of the dispute over the 6501
and Motorola. The reworked 6502 was left pretty stranded without a
machine to run it on so that is why the KIM-1 was created.

Chuck eventually left Commodore to help set up the US office of the
Japanese Victor company where he designed the Victor 9000 also known
as the Sirius 1. Whilst I do not have a Sirius 1 [ only the manual
and disks ] I do have a KIM-1. The board is not an original with
the white surface mounted chips, but the less rare later Version G.

Link to  Sirius 1  Page.

The box is the original provided with the board and inside also
appear to be two large folders that were the consequence of a seminar
on the KIM-1. It also has a small interface and the tape with BASIC.

SII could be SII Electronic Components or Seiko.. Dunno.

KIM-1. Keyboard Input Monitor.

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