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ScuzzBlog: Diaries April 2018

Entry 18th April 2018: Post: 1

Nothing better to do so I switched on the Atari

OK so I am kinda locked out from my fun activities at the moment.
I am backing up the main Amiga and the SCSI drives across the
network which is a massive task and is kinda keeping my workshop
machines busy. I also need to check that rogue files haven't
stopped the transfer process. Windows doesn't like certain file
names, especially ones associated with AMOS. Samba is pretty
stable and its going all very well at the moment.

I have to be aware of a delivery. Already yesterday I had one
failed delivery. No idea how I missed the guy. Today I took
possession of the SONY Mini Disc player which had one of those
EuroPlugs on it so robbed my plug from the C128d. Just a
sprinkling of AC/DC played very low and then off as I wait for
the Panasonic tape deck.

It wasn't that much fun playing Bayonetta on the PS3 with the
sound down so I decided to salvage yet more C90s for the new
tape machine and so turned to the Atari to see if I could again
transfer and condense to smaller tapes. As ever with all these
older computers there is such a variety of power leads and supplies
to deal with. Nothing was standardised.

Be aware that this blog basically is a diary of what I do
generally each day. And that is all it is ... a retro diary

First off I needed to dig out Atari
power supplies. Generally heavy

And also Atari data cables with
their own connectors

Atari 800 and XC12 should do the trick

I have the BASIC cartridge

Checking all is working with
a bit of traditional saving

C:"FILE" allows you to give
specific file names

You can as easily use CSAVE and CLOAD

Saving and loading is achieved
by pressing the cassette buttons
and then hitting RETURN twice. You
get a beep for your efforts

Two cartridge slots and yet everything
generally says use the left cartridge

The very wonderful Atari 800

Very yellow

Bit of a beast but works fine

I did have to repair the tape machine though

Fortunately the 400 runs on
the same power supply

This is the cost reduced version

I only have the one BASIC cartridge

And the 400 has just one cartridge slot

Uses the same power supply as the 800

Same mellow yellow colours but
no actual large buttons

The smaller the computer and the
bigger the power supply

The very beige brown 800XL

With BASIC built in as standard

Leaves the single slot for games
on both 800 and 600

Earlier and we have 'The Woody'
a computer with its very own
fake wood veneer

And yet another power supply...
But with the very splendid River Raid

I'm sure these things reproduce
when you are not looking

And the customery 20 feet of TV
flex. Shows the size of some folks
TV rooms and the like.

By the time we get to the ST
power comes in on the tea kettle

And no top loader

Modest user interface.. Bit like GEOS

Found this addendum whilst searching

Plus Atari mag cover disk

Enough of that... I managed to achieve
a few file transfers and free up another C90
This tape deck better arrive tomorrow or
I'm getting myself a PS4 to play YoRHa 2B Nier Automata

Everything that lives is designed to end

YoRHA on YouTube

Getting a bit old now but still fun

Bayonetta on YouTube

A rather dreadful dark picture of
the replacement Mini Disc player
I still haven't set the unit up yet
but was working fine and recorded
no problem....

Who needs new stuff when the old stuff
is still working just fine.. So funny
Don't say it ... I know. Don't I just

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