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ScuzzBlog: Diaries April 2018

Entry 24th April 2018: Post: 1

Acorn Atom - Build your own

Checking the kit yet again which I do on a regular basis. Today
it was the turn of the Acorn Atom.

I won this computer on 19th July 2007 in the days when Ebay was
an auction site and not the ' Buy Now ' for bonkers priced kit.
There were seven bids and I got the Atom for 87.86.

The Acorn Atom described as the forerunner to the BBC Micro was
a build it yourself kit with a 6502 CPU. The unit is fully 
expanded with 12K RAM and 12K ROM. Some quite massive numbers
there.The TV output is monochrome. Was sold with some great books 
including Atomic Theory and Practice. Also came with the PSU.

The computer generally works fine. For some reason I have a
garbelled screen when I boot which clears when I press break.
The BASIC is Atom BASIC is a variant on what I would call
the norm. Takes a little getting use to be generally OK.

ACORN ATOM Made in the UK around 1980
Keyboard is a full stroke QWERY with 60 keys
The CPU is the 6502 running at 1MHz
Has the 6847 video display generator
Text mode is 32 x 24 / 16 x 12
Graphics mode  - 4 colours Colours 8
Sound is from a built in small beeper
The kit in day would set you back 120 and ready built 170

See also - Acorn Atom - Didn't bomb

Small broken piece of case inside case

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