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ScuzzBlog: Diaries April 2018

Entry 28th April 2018: Post: 2

IBM PS/1 and Windows 3.1

This is one computer that is in regular usage here. Basically it
has the best 5.25" drive and is so useful for accessing disks
what with the graphical user interface and file manager. I also
can very quickly copy stuff from 3.5 to 5.25 which is great.

When you switch on the PS/1 you are greeted with this very high
sounding single beep which still makes me jump. Whilst I am not
a great fan of the old Windows systems, this one is closest to
being a basic file manager, which is how I like my computers.

So here are the images that I took today. I also added a couple
of pics of the 5.25" when I found it in its box last year. Sadly
the drive had been damaged in transit and I stuck the corner on
with a bit of red insulating tape. Still on the drive. Plus
a picture from the wet, windy night when we had dreadful storms
here when I fitted the 5.25" drive.

IBM PS/1 Model 2133-111 386SX-25MHz from 1992.

The 5.25 with broken corner

The 5.25 when I found it last year

The drive when I installed last year

To get the drive working I needed to remove this

I also had to set the jumpers

Contents of the 5.25 - b drive

Contents of the a drive

IBM lets you back up the system disks

I have tubs full of 5.25" disks

And shelves full of early 3.5" floppies

OK that's the pre Win95 era dealt with
A time when having stuff on disk was
not such a big deal for Microsoft. Also
a time before having an internet connection
was a necessity to get the OS running.

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