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ScuzzBlog: Diaries April 2018

Entry 30th April 2018: Post: 1

BBC Model B - What's that burning smell

Today was the turn of the BBC Model B. I have three of these units.
One that works, one that doesn't and one that is in its box and
has never ever been used here. Kinda like Schrodinger's cat.

The main unit that I use quite frequently has the one button missing.
I have the button in a bag that I keep on top of the machine. The
CAPS LOCK still works so it really isn't an issue. Occasionally
with this computer I get the odd burning smell. Not often and its
the PSU on the way out. Sad but hey...

The external floppy drive is also a BBC and works just fine. I
do seem to have some issue with errors on disk density but that is
more user error than anything else.

I do like the BBC. I regret not having one when they came out now.
I did use to see a lot of them in various school projects I worked
on. Sadly all but a distant memory to most kids now I guess.

Anyway for your viewing pleasure the BBC Model B... and not on fire.

BBC Model B as made by Acorn Computing in the UK
Originally made in 1981 running on BBC BASIC
Keyboard is a full stroke QWERTY
The CPU is a MOS 6502 running at 1.8MHz
RAM I guess is 32KB and ROM is also 32KB
Cost around 400 in the day which is why I didn't get one
The ZX81 cost me around 45.. go figure.

Under the bonnet of a broken BBC Model B

Formatting a 5.25 disk

Second BBC 5.25 drive

Model B



My third BBC fresh out of the box

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