ScuzzBlog: Diaries April 2020

Entry 1st April 2020: Post 04: C64 - 1764 RAM Expansion.

C64 - 1764 RAM Expansion.

I haven't given up hope in getting my 1764 RAM expansion working.
One day, maybe, I will find the illusive power supply that is 
needed to give the C64 the extra boost to drive this little beauty.
I have the 5.25" disk at the ready plus CP/M. Not sure the Amiga
1060 disk is going to help. Whatever.

These last three blogs were really about those little retro 
surprises that make the old collecting worth while. Although my
efforts to get the power for this card have been somewhat in vain,
I am always hopeful. And that is what makes the rewards so much
more enjoyable when you finally succeed. 

Man I love collecting computers.

C64 - 1764 RAM Expansion.

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Super Expander 64

I include this here cus I so need this
cartridge and like the power supply above
it illudes me ... Never mind.

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