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Entry 3rd April 2020: Post 01: MicroProse and Gunship.

MicroProse and Gunship.

Just a short update to the Sid Meier blog from two days ago given
that I found my Gunship, Railway Tycoon and Colonization Amiga
games boxes plus some others.

The Operations Manual 64-H-029A is dated Change No.1 November 1986
though the disk is dated 1989. This is a helicopter simulation and
looks like it was first released in 1986. In the game you fly an
AH-64A Apache made by Hughes Helicopters a subsidiary of McDonnell
Douglas Aircraft.

The game designer was Arnold Hendrick and Andy Hollis with the
software development by Andy Hollis, Greg Tavaras and Sid Meier.
The game runs on an A500/2000 and you can install to hard disk
but you still need to have the floppy in the drive.

It really is amazing just how much they crammed onto a single
DD floppy disk. And the amount of instruction and additional
support documentation is admirable. Cracking box cover also.

Inside also is a large fold out brochure of all the games they
were selling at the time. Not all titles are MicroProse, though
the list is pretty impressive.

I took the opportunity to add some pics of some of my favourite
MicroProse Titles. The boxes for these games were always large
and quite heavy. Very well made and a joy to play I have to say.
Gave me the chance to feature my favourite Sid Meier game, that
being Colonization. Classic.

MicroProse and Gunship.

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