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Entry 5th April 2020: Post 01: Star Trek - The Rebel Universe.

Star Trek - The Rebel Universe.

Colour me a little confused when I noticed on the leaflet brochure
for MicroProse the Star Trek game ' The Rebel Universe '. I have
two Amiga Star Trek games and hadn't realised that this one existed.
I then went on a search for the game and could only find references
to it on the Atari, IBM PC and the Commodore 64. So maybe this was
the C64 game, though no reference is made.

' Join Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise. In this
fantastically exciting game, Firebird puts you in the thick of the
action aboard the Enterprise '.

I do have the Tobias Richter game and would be interesting to
compare as they look very much alike. In truth I guess the main 25th
Anniversary game is quite like it and even has the beaming down as
part of the game.

Only one thing for it and that was to beam the C64 from its store
and set up the tape and see if she works. One other thing and that
is that the manual was written with the 5.25" disk in mind, as there
is no reference to the tape nor ways of creating a data tape.

Having played the game for an hour or so I really didn't find it
that exciting, but then the Tobias Richter game was very much the
same.  These Star Trek games are more like a guided tour of the
USS  Enterprise with a sprinkling of well known Star Trek activities
thrown in. It uses each of the crew as a vehicle to launch certain
tasks and simply gets you clicking from one to the other to initiate

All the games are absolutely fine if you are a Star Trek fan, but
from the neutral perspective they are all pretty crap. 25th Anniversary
is dull as soup and very short. I mean very short. I thought I was
going on a five years adventure. Didn't even last five nights.

A few years back I created an interactive blog page featuring loads
of PD disks that I had uploaded which were accessible from the page.
Amongst them were some of my favourite Star Trek disks including
sounds, animations and featuring the work of Tobias Richter. Seriously
if you can get your hands on some of Tobias' work and you are a Star
Trek fan, I think you will be amazed. Sadly I unhitched the disks
from the website as I couldn't verify copyright. I do have everything
plus a load more on a couple of CDs. Always a hoot.

Anyway here are the images of the first two games with the first for
the Commodore 64 and then the Tobias Richter game. I have featured
Tobias's game previously so I didn't show too much of it. Just check
the index for further instalments.

Star Trek - The Rebel Universe.

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