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Entry 5th April 2020: Post 02: Amiga Format - Backstage Scraps.

Amiga Format - Backstage Scraps.

On completing my review of Doom and Gloom I set aside one of the
copies of Amiga Format to feature 'Backstage'. The reason being that
normally the paper rag is an A5 document. However, this one was
a full A4 in size. The rag supports the special Subscribers Disk which
in this case is is Subscribers Disk 73.

Additionally I found another DOOM style game feature on Quake
which I failed to include the other day, so I set that to rights.

And lastly an article about the destruction of mankind, which
seemed pretty apt, though here it is due to a meteor. The software
featured is called Space Station which I now need to dig out.

Amiga Format - Backstage Scraps.

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