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Entry 11th April 2020: Post 02: Amiga 600 - Sonix to the rescue. Day 2.

Amiga 600 - Sonix to the rescue. Day 2.

So today it was back to SONIX and luckily the hard drive on the
A600 was now working. So I was able to copy the software to the
hard drive and assign the disks so that they ran from the HD.

I gathered my books, software disks and various Data Disks with
instruments and scores on and set too again playing with this
magical software.

The book introduces you to writing music and then sets about
showing how the software can produce works of music using the
assorted array of musical instruments on disk. The system is
kinda like Tracker insomuch that you have the one disk acting
as the grunt disk and the second storing all the scored and
musical instruments.

Wasn't too long before I was able to concoct something half
recognisable as a piece of music. Great fun I have to say.

I then loaded a few sample disks and PD collections of SONIX
music and enjoyed playing some of the more favourite musical
renditions of the day. I could certainly see how this was used
to create backing tracks for games and such. Most versatile.

My experiences over the last two days show more about the strong
resilience of the Amiga and its ability to surprise and astound
when you least expect it. I don't think there is a week that
goes by that the Amiga doesn't do something quite extraordinary
and defies all logic in bulldozing through problems. It is for
these reasons I believe I have stayed loyal to the Amiga and
will forever do so. She has been good to me. And always will.

A big thank you to SONIX cus without this episode I doubt I
would have persevered to get the hard drive back. And she is
running no problem and boots each and every time.



Axel F and Blue Monday. Well bits of.

Amiga 600 - Sonix to the rescue. Day 2.

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