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Entry 12th April 2020: Post 01: Amiga Music - Deluxe Music Construction Set.

Amiga Music - Deluxe Music Construction Set.

Just mopping up on those Tracker and Sonix blogs. If you read the
Wiki entry for the Noise and Sound tracker for the Amiga you will
also find reference to the very splendid Deluxe Music Construction
Set. This was one of many Amiga music packages and I include a
few more for reference.

Notable absences from the blogs is probably one of the most popular
music creators and that being OctaMED. Simply magical to use and
prolific in terms of software and the 'TOONS' released on many of
the more popular cover disks. The 'Player' was an essential tool
for an aspiring Amiga music enthusiast.

Another product that I can certainly recommend is TechnoSound and
the Turbo version. Ideal for sampling music.

Amiga Music - Deluxe Music Construction Set.

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