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Entry 16th April 2020: Post 01: Atari 2600 - Vader and Sixer.

Atari 2600 - Vader and Sixer.

I have this black Atari 2600 sitting on top of an Amiga monitor
in front of a book shelf filled with Amiga books and I am like
for ever moving the thing out the way, so today I decided to give
it a run out just to see that I hadn't broken it. I also pulled
the ' Woody ' just so I could play River Raid.

The black Atari VCS or CX 2600 AP nicknamed the ' Darth Vader '
was released in 1982 as an upgrade to the ' Woody ' with the
four buttons. Anyhoo she worked... boring !!!

The Atari VCS CX 2600 U [ PAL ] known as the ' Light Sixer '
was released in 1978 as an upgrade to the ' Heavy Sixer ' which
was launched in 1977. The units originally made in Sunnyvale
California were revised no doubt to ease production costs when
they began to be made in places like Hong Kong. Later they would
be made in Ireland also.

So 1977 - 'Heavy Sixer, 1978 - Light Sixer, 1980 - The Four switch
and 1982 - Darth Vader.... Keep up !!!

Not sure if you could call these computers as they really are just
a video cartridge system. I haven't checked but probably somewhere
someone has one of these set up as a full computer. Probably called
an Atari 400 or 800.

Personally I like the 2600, mostly cus of River Raid. I have often
thought if I were locked in a basement with power and could only play
two games what would they be... My first choice would be River Raid
and my second Manic Miner. That'd keep me happy for years.

Anyhoooo as I say on warm sunny days like these, and cursing the
bloody bright light coming through the window, shouldn't complain
I guess ... here are some pics of the BLACK and WOOD VENEER Atari
2600s. Both are working and dull as soup, though River Raid was
still a hoot and a half. Not sure about Gorf and Asteroids and the
other cartridges. Really boring.


Me playing River Raid
Scuse quality

Atari 2600 - Vader and Sixer.

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