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Entry 18th April 2020: Post 01: Tandy - TRS-80 Color Computer 2.

Tandy - TRS-80 Color Computer 2.

Yesterday I featured the Dragon and commented on how similar it was
to the TRS-80 Colour Computer. Today I feature the TRS-80.

During my days here mucking around with computers I do test a number
of machines that I have laying about. Mostly these lighter weight
computers sit perched above monitors. I have them covered and
often protected with paper towel soft material. This prevents the
ingress of dust and the like. I am very careful with all the kit
but I do check on occasions to see that they have not received any
damage and are working.

I am very active in and around all computers and whilst they may be
protected, this is a working environment and very little is what
you would call glass cased. I enjoy the computers and don't simply
look at them on shelves.

And so the TRS-80 was dragged kicking and screaming to the bench
and checked for damage and switched on to see if she was still
alive. Thankfully she was and BASIC worked without fault as did
the special Color cartridge. For a computer first made in 1983 I
have to say this is a very good machine. She responds brilliantly
to input from a well made keyboard and gives out crisp clear text
on the screen. This is another one of those machines that had I
been able to afford in the day I would have seriously considered.

Pretty bullet proof and the white of the casing has not yellowed
at all. Neither have the keys. I do like the TRS-80. Good machine.

TRS-80 Color Computer 2 by Tandy Radio Shack
Made in 1983 with its origins in the USA.
Has a full stroke QWERTY keyboard with 53 keys.
The processor CPU is a Motorola 6809E 0.89 MHz.
The computer output has 9 colours and 1 voice.
The power supply for this computer is built in.... Magic.
Runs Extended Color BASIC 1.1 under license from Microsoft.

The computer has a cartridge slot to one side.

Tandy - TRS-80 Color Computer 2.

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