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Entry 21st April 2020: Post 01: Amstrad GX4000 - Just testing.

Amstrad GX4000 - Just testing.

Just a quickie today featuring the Amstrad GX4000. Sad little
console released by Amstrad. I say sad, cus I only have just the
one cartridge that came with the unit. Have never really tried
to find more, as in truth, whilst being cute to look at, it really
isn't anything special.

Anyhoo, I made a blog about the console some while back and include
the link on the main page below this one. The little beast worked
and I had a quick run around with the game, which is pretty poor.
I quite like the styling and I think that the effort made by
Amstrad was admirable in trying to revitalise the range of kit.
Sadly though time was up and this kind of console and the computers
in the range were yesterdays news, and no amount of sexy curves
were going to reinstate Amstrad as a dominant computer force.

Back to my serious gaming now. Sorry for that.

Amstrad GX4000 - Just testing.

Sorry for the shaky image !!

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