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Entry 30th April 2020: Post 01: Super Famicom Jr - True or false.

Super Famicom Jr - True or false.

Known also as model number SNS-101 and released by Nintendo in 1997.
Oddly, quite rare, mainly cus it was cloned and copied. The console
was released at the latter part of the SNES lifespan. It was created
as a cut down version of the Super Nintendo to give new users a
taste of the gaming system. This at a time when experienced gamers
were using the N64, Sega Saturn and the PlayStation. Makes no sense.

It was the NA version released in 1997 that had the purple buttons.
The grey version which is the one I own is styled on the Japanese
version released on October 20 1997.

This console has no eject button, has no LED display telling you
when it is on. The display has one socket for composite only. And
no expansion facility what so ever. The controller simplified the
wording to just Nintendo suggesting my controller isn't original.

This got me to thinking whether the machine I had was a clone. Let's
look at the evidence ...

First, there is no service sticker on the back.
Second the serial isn't in the upper panel on the rear.
Street Fighter II does not work.

However ... The font faces used are correct and most importantly
the unit is screwed together with the patented Nintendo security
screws. Just visible in the photographs.

I am reasonably comfortable that mine is an original and I think the
fact that Street Fighter II doesn't work is cus the connector is
dirty. I have ordered some Brasso and so I will check.

The Japanese game that I have worked no problem, though I did need
to clean the cartridge and the slots in the console.

I am not a fan of cartridge based machines and would never have
considered buying one in the day. This console was acquired from a
guy that imported stuff for me from Japan. It also has the original
classic Nintendo power supply with the blue connector.

So why was she out on the bench ? If you read my blog yesterday you
will have seen me putting the busted PS3 into storage. This displaced
the Super Famicom so I now need to find a new home. One real positive
from the exercise was that I found my Perfect Dark and Quake games for
the N64. Thought I had lost them.

I do have an empty box that I can use, but it is at the base of
a tall stack of cardboard boxes. See the next post.

Super Famicom Jr - True or false.

And now off to the N64

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