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Entry 6th April 2021: Post 1: Toshiba HX-10 - Just your BASIC MSX.

Toshiba HX-10 - Just your BASIC MSX.

I was going to do a blog about the differences between the C64 and
the Toshiba MSX, but there just wasn't much difference. If you can
handle the C64 you can pretty much use any BASIC computer of the
day. The processes are generally of a like, with some differences
to accommodate the different hardware.

This computer is a dream to use and for a BASIC machine is the best
there was, for me. It has the most wonderful keyboard and handles
so easily as you glide around the commands. I had never considered
an MSX machine in the day. I do regret not shopping around a bit
more when I bought the Sinclair. Had I found this computer I wouldn't
have blinked an eye in buying the Toshiba. She is dream machine for
BASIC programming.

Toshiba MSX HX-10 64K : Made in Japan in 1983.
Uses Microsoft Extended BASIC ( MSX BASIC V1.0 )
Processor is the Z80A running at 3.6 MHz.
Video is provided by the TMS 9929A.
There is 64 kb RAM with 30 kb available for programming.
The VRAM is 16 kb and ROM stands at 32 kb.

Toshiba HX-10 - Just your BASIC MSX.

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