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Entry 12th April 2022: Post 1: Firefox strikes again.

Firefox strikes again.

For the second time this year Firefox create havoc with an update
to their browser. The previous issue related to the download menu
that now pops up each and every time I save anything. I managed
to implement a workaround fortunately, involving disabling the
menu icon and creating a shortcut to downloads.

And now this little gem ....

On April 5th, I believe, they updated the browser again to 99.0 and
with is a bug so destructive it means I have correct thousands of
my pages or just live with it.

The problem... I use the PRE tag to auto format blocks of text to
give a retro feel to my blogs. The text 'should' use courier new
as the font by default. Up to now that hasn't been a problem. That
was up until Version 99.0. And now the text block has been made
smaller, compressing it by over 25mm. Further, the text is a hybrid
of courier that looks an absolute mess.

If I open the pages in another browser like say IE then the text
still looks fine using the proper version of courier new. Also if
I add a defining courier tag statement to the block of text it
promotes an expanded version of courier which is also incorrect.

I have been at this a few days now trying to create a work-around.
The solution is to now add a TAG statement to the head of the text
fully defining courier to suit the previous font size. Its not a
pretty solution, given that I have to edit each and every page of
text with a new font face header tag. And yet the tag makes no
difference what so ever to other browsers as the font tag should
auto create courier new from a PRE statement to text.

This is a Firefox created issue and I can prove it. I opened my
browser on the Win10 machine prior to Firefox auto updating. I
then did a screen dump of the text showing correctly and the
Firefox 'about' statement. The text is as it has been for as long
as I can remember, and how it is viewed in other browsers. I then
allowed Firefox to update and reloaded the browser under 99. The
block of text is now a good 25mm shorter in width and text appears
compressed and badly formatted with line edges all over the place.

I have reflected long and hard this last few days on whether it
is even worth carrying on if browsers are going to implement their
own flavours of HTML that mess up your browser. It makes absolutely
no difference what I do to my browser to correct this cus I would
have to make sure every user that visited the site also changed
the settings of their browser.

I have revised the complete set of March web pages to correct the
problem, but will wait to see what Firefox do. I would be a fool
to correct the pages just for Firefox to implement a fix and then
need me to change everything back.

Time was when Firefox cared about their activities and provided a
truly user friendly browser. Over the years their reputation has
been plagued by seriously stupid decisions. Even today the guides
they provide do not reflect implemented menus current to the
latest 'downgrade'. I say downgrade cus nothing they have done in
recent years has improved their browser.

Not happy today. The images below show the problem which you may
be able to discern. The first image is of the browser working
before they implemented 99. The second image shows how they
collapsed the 'PRE' tagged block text reducing globally its width.
The laws of HTML define the default PRE text for courier as the
courier new version. The one Firefox create is anything but.

Never mind.


Firefox strikes again.

Text displaying correctly Version 95.0.1.

Text now compressed by 25mm version 99.0.

The right hand text now compressed. It
should be the same width as the line above.

Left hand is as viewed with IExplorer.

Moving the FONT TAG makes text too big.

Previous FONT TAG on all my pages.

FONT TAG now needed to each block of text.
And yet in other browsers it is not required.
And up to now never like ever needed.

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