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Entry 15th April 2022: Post 1: Just your average Amiga 500 gamers.

Just your average Amiga 500 gamers.

You could say my family was pretty addicted to the Amiga. My dad
had two Amiga 500s and both my sisters had Amigas. Sunday after
dinner I would walk up to my sisters house for my ritual Sunday
Sensible Soccer session. This was after I had been tormented by
my dad insisting that I take him on to a round of Mean 18. Man
did my dad love his Amiga golf game.

My sister played host to an assembled group of my nephews school
chums. Each came armed with disk boxes full of copied games and
an assortment of demo disks. There were the odd boxed game but
generally only the classic budget versions.

With ZipStiks at the ready we took on each other in a series of
head to head games. Although Sensi was king there was also Kick-
Off which was kinda cult in the day.  I don't recall a time in
my life where I haven't enjoyed myself so much as those long
Sunday afternoons buried in the ruckus of gaming heaven sat next
an Amiga 500. Man was that machine hammered.

My nephew was pretty typical for the time with a love for his
Amiga 500 as were most of his friends. They all knew how to twist
the rules on copying disks and used the various Action Replay and
X-Copy kit. They swapped disks like trading cards and never like
questioned their passion for the Amiga. The machine was cult and
expanding their collections of games was key. In addition they
dabbled in demo music and sound trackers. These were a very
creative bunch.

My other sister took on the A600 when it was launched primarily
cus she liked the form factor sitting on her video. I recall
spending many nights playing Pictionary and other trivial silly
games that she loved. As for dad well he used his Amigas with
his camera work and used them for titling his productions. But
his passion was always for his Mean 18. He couldn't live without
it. He once copied over his original disk and had to import a
new copy from the States.

The Amiga most definitely brought a ray of sunshine into our
worlds and truly lit up the place when switched on. Once I had
moved over to the A1200 I was already travelling to other A1200
users and playing Sensible Soccer and the like. The computer
was quite infectious and most that I knew were keen Amiga users.
However, when I reflect on the most enjoyable gaming times I had
growing up with computers I have to say the A500 was king. The
computer was so accessible and appealing to all the family. When
ignited it was centre stage in our family houses and the joy it
brought was quite tangible. There was never a dull or dreary
moment. Only happy smiling faces.

The era has long vanished into the ether but the memories still
linger. All you need to do is pick up an old Amiga magazine of
the era to relive some of the joyous moments. For me I never
lost the Amiga bug and just kept on enjoying the platform. And
here I am today still reflecting on the good times. Still very
hooked on the Amiga. Simply the greatest computer ever.

Just your average Amiga 500 gamers.

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