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Entry 16th April 2022: Post 1: Gordon Harwood PowerPlay Cartoon box set.

Gordon Harwood PowerPlay Cartoon box set.

1992 was an odd year for Commodore. They not only didn't formally
announce the launch of the A500 Plus, but also chose to ship the
computer in boxes of Cartoon Classics, with what appeared on the
face of it a small apologetic note to customers. This actually
happened over the Christmas of 1991 but still, the dust hadn't
even settled in 1992, before it was all change again. The Plus
and the A500 hit the wall and the new A600 was shovelled in.

And so when Gordon Harwood was trying to shift his 500s and then
the Plus I guess he felt obliged to give the punters a little
bit of a sweetener. To this end he shipped a special box set of
classic Amiga 500 games called PowerPlay. And so to the blog.

I actually don't have the PowerPlay box. I can't even find a half
decent picture of the box artwork. I do have kinda a set of disks,
albeit several have been written over and replaced with Final
Writer. I can just make out the original labels below some crude
masking tape. Fortunately I do have the guide manual which lists
the games and provides instruction on how to play. The rebuilding
of the box set has been a challenge of mine for some years now and
I will feature this further later this month.

I have scanned the guide/manual and include that today. There are
quite a number of games in this pack and I am hopeful of rebuilding
the disks. Trouble is that masking tape is made from cow gum and
it sticks solid to plastic. Only way to remove it is with heat.
And that's the problem. Tricky.

Anyhoo... as I am taken to say, I never give up on challenges. So
Slowly slowly is the name of the retro game, and if it is worth
doing then it certainly is worth the time.

There were quite a few PowerPlay sets created by Gordon Harwood.
None though were to be as memorable as the one issued for the
Cartoon Classics set, as it truly straddles the divide between
the sublime and the ridiculous. But hey that's Commodore for you.

Gordon Harwood PowerPlay Cartoon box set.

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