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Entry 17th April 2022: Post 1: Blitz BASIC 2.1 CD re-united.

Blitz BASIC 2.1 CD re-united.

I have a belief when searching for lost things and that is the
thing you have lost is in plain view. It will be right in front
of your face. Back in February 2017 I finally got round to opening
all my boxes and tubs that I had collected over the decades. My
work as an architect kept me incredibly busy and sadly that meant
a lot of late nights, long weekends and very little holiday. This
meant that the majority of my collecting was simply placed into
store and under dust sheets until I could find the time to unpack
and record everything.

And so in 2017 I set too opening all my boxes up, photographing
and placing in sensible order so I could find things. This took
the best part four years to complete, and I am still not done.
The process didn't come without its problems. The worst problem
being the loss of an item that had fallen into the wrong box or
worse got trapped behind shelves or benches. One such item was
my Blitz BASIC 2.1 CD-ROM disc.

This CD had been extracted in the early 2000s from its box as I
was taken to refer to it a lot in the Workshop. It was always
with a bunch of CDs next to my most treasured A1200. And then it
just vanished. I searched and searched but it never turned up.
Of all the things I have here it is the one item that plays on
my mind whenever I am sorting through things. I had all but
given up. If you could see my Aladdin's cave here you would just
appreciate how much of a challenge it is finding anything.

That was until last week. I have any number of boxes open and
items I use frequently laying on top for ease of access. For a
blog I made last week I reached in for a couple of Action Replay
interfaces. Imagine my surprise when instead of pulling out the
interface I had in my hand my Blitz BASIC 2.1 CD. The cheer that
went out would have woken the village. I fell back in my chair
and couldn't believe my eyes.

Anyhoo !! The CD is now back in its box and to celebrate I took
a few pictures. Times like these I always recall my mom saying
that the first place to look for lost things is right under your
nose. She wasn't wrong.  I have also snapped a few Workbench
images of the CDs contents. You get such a lot with the CD that
is just not possible with a couple of disks.

Happy days. Well except for being tormented by the return of the
bloody Death Star. Playing havoc with my efforts to combat the
zombie infestation of Raccoon City. Today I finally met up with
the lovely Ada Wong telling Leon ' You can put that away '.

Back to Resident Evil ... OKEE DOKEE !

Oh and Blitz BASIC is a programming tool for like programming
games and stuff. It's technical.  Bye!!

Blitz BASIC 2.1 CD re-united.

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