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Entry 20th April 2022: Post 1: Frustrating Reddit - A1200 keyboard clip.

Frustrating Reddit - A1200 keyboard clip.

The other day this guy posts on Reddit a problem with his Amiga.
Having set the A1200 up he discovers that he has no keyboard at
all. It is totally unresponsive. Know the feeling well.

I advised the guy to flip the plastic clip to the ribbon on the
connector to the motherboard. I pointed out that if fitted the
wrong way round it will isolate the ribbon from the connector,
when it should actually be clamping the ribbon onto the connector.
Job done and the guy told me he would check when he got home.

Later on I am checking whether the guy had had any luck and find
that my post received a minus one karma or what ever its called.
So the post had been downvoted three times. My post was bottom
of the list of posts with the top one suggesting all kinds of quite
risky procedures involving cutting back the ribbon.

I am not going to comment on the activities of Reddit, I let the
actual forums speak for themselves. However, I do get frustrated
when other posters deliberately down vote other more sensible and
practical suggestions, just to elevate their own posts. My main
concern is always the actual Amiga kit. And this is why ...

The plastic clip only goes one way. First thing to remember is
that when removing the ribbon always lift the clip.

The ribbon has a coating both sides. The one side has the coating
fully to its end and the other has a slot cut from it which is
intended to come into contact with the connector.

The clip has a small down-stand piece inside and it is that section
of plastic that compresses the exposed section on the ribbon to
the connector on the motherboard.

The plastic solid side to the clip faces the back of the Amiga
'port side'.

The down-stand section inside the clip faces the main body of the
Amiga , say 'ROM side'.

The fully coated ribbon side faces the main body of the Amiga
'ROM side'. And the slotted cut end to the ribbon faces the port
side rear of the Amiga.

The pictures explain all.

Two things:

01: If the connector is installed the wrong way round then the
keyboard will not work. It is as simple as that.

02: Beware taking any advice from so called forum posters on any
social media site that promotes the concept of the 'thumbs up'
cus there are some that frequent these sites simply to validate
themselves and give 'meaning to a meaningless existence'. Sorry
that last bit is from Nier Automata. For my part I couldn't care
less about karma or thumbs ups. I always delete my accounts on
Reddit after a couple of days, together with the posts I made
basically cus these sites are just fronts for data mining. My
aim is to help with  posters until they can take the stabilisers
off and then I am like the wind. I have no view about Reddit. I
simply use the site to get ideas for blogs and help who I can
along the way. I don't do social media. Its just a front for
data mining that takes advantage of the weaknesses of some human
kind ... not all. Some. Me I don't need it. I'm a lawnmower.

Blizzard announced the new expansion yesterday. Man does that
look boring.

Frustrating Reddit - A1200 keyboard clip.

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