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Entry 21st April 2022: Post 1: Digita Organiser.

Digita Organiser.

Seems to be the trend on well known forums these days to simply
post an image of something, without any real descriptive and then
invite comment from others. The responses are generally equally as
limited and so I take the opportunity here to fill in a few of
blanks in respect of the Digita product known as Organiser.

During the nineties there were numerous office packages available
not just on the PC but also on the Amiga. They generally included
a word processor, data base, spreadsheet and additionally some
kind of diary or organiser. Wordworth produced the whole package
and called it Office as part of Wordworth 6.

For me I spent way too much time out of the office at meetings and
so a computer based diary was pretty useless. We maintained a
general diary for all staff and I carried around my trusty Filofax.
Later this was replaced with the HP iPAC a portable pain in the
whatsits ... cus it had a phone on it.

Organiser came in two versions 1 and 2 and was released free on
cover disk with Amiga Format Christmas 1995 and Amiga Shopper for
July 1995. Each magazine has a very informative tutorial.

Organiser was also released with a special Wordworth edition and
supplied by Escom with their Magic Packs along with PPaint and
Photogenics plus some games. You always can tell stuff released
by Escom cus of the Amiga logo badge thingy on the disk slide.

By the late nineties I was already using Windows 95 and with it I
used Lotus or SideKick. That was until I designed my own diary
which I still use to this day utilising good old HTML. I like to
add music, video and other interactive stuff to the diary and
HTML does that very well. On the Amiga you could use AmigaGuide
to do kinda the same thing.

Whilst going through the Digita stuff I came a cross a batch of
the companion books produced for Wordworth. I had forgotten I had
these and so extracted them for a bit of a read. I particularly
like the newsletter book. Took me back to my Desktop Dynamite era
when I  received in the mail regular newsletters from Digita. Don't
think there has been a time on the Amiga I haven't had Wordworth

Anyhoo that little clutch of Organiser stuff should help if you
were ever minded to load it onto your Amiga.

Happy days.

Digita Organiser.

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