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Entry 23rd April 2022: Post 1: Amiga ProPage, MaxiPlan, GPFax, Performer.

Amiga ProPage, MaxiPlan, GPFax, Performer.

Just a quick blog today to record a few pieces of software I have
from my top shelf storage unit. I have this large shelf unit that
is trapped behind computers and every so often I need to drag the
computers out and refer to stuff off the shelf. Having retrieved
the other day my batch of books etc regarding Wordworth, I had in
a pile, a few bits of software that I decided to photograph.

Anyhoo.. nothing of note, but worth recording just in case I do
need to refer to them in the future.

The first is the step by step guide for Professional Page 4.1. The
guide appears to have become separated from the main software on
the adjacent shelf. No idea why. I featured ProPage recently.

MaxiPlan4 which is one of those IBM style spreadsheet thingies
which I detest, so not something I'm ever likely to use.

GPFax which I guess has become a real dinosaur in today's world of
instant communication. The days of hovering over a fax machine
have long disappeared off the horizon thankfully. In time I guess
folk will forget the sound of the fax machine, and all those very
annoying spam fax's we use to suffer.

Performer I believe I have featured before on the blog, but where
exactly I have no idea. The rare bit of software compliments your
animation and image files and places them at your fingertips
evidently. Not really sure how it works. The disks are actually
still sealed in the little envelope so don't ask me to photograph
them. I am aware that the software and team were incorporated into
the NewTek family of products. Eaten alive no doubt.. on toast.
So that was the end of Elan Performer.

Going now.

Amiga ProPage, MaxiPlan, GPFax, Performer.

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