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Entry 24th April 2022: Post 2: Giving meaning to a meaningless life.

Giving meaning to a meaningless life.

One of the reoccurring messages in the game of Nier Automata is
the giving of meaning to a meaningless life. It relates to the
various robotic and android forms that populate the Earth after
the total extinction of the human race.

I find the message in this line quite interesting because it can
be further expanded to question the very meaning of life itself.
Personally I do not believe in any grand purpose to life, but that
is a private matter and one which each of us have to decide.
However, as to meaning I am quite sure there is no meaning other
than the one I will now discuss.

I am ever puzzled by the desire of some to seek validation from
total strangers. The pages of online blogs are filled with folk
seeking approval from fellow visitors to that blog or forum. It
has become the primary reason for being on the forums it seems,
and sites offer all kinds of rewards to folk that participate.
I come from a different era and I am most suspicious of the true
purpose of any website. That is why I am like the wind and keep
my identity anonymous. So why do people seek validation ? Maybe
it is one way they can give meaning to their existence. In a
world where real life interactions may be more judgemental it is
a way of giving the allure of a better person than maybe the
poster really is. This is particularly true of WoW, where the
lesser human can be a champion of Azeroth and use that to promote
and validate their worth. They hide behind the veil of their game
character to give themselves a level of presumed superiority. The
trouble is the entire population of these games consist of other
online players who generally hold the same view.

I digress... So what is the meaning to life. This is my view and
only my view, but it may help some that feel lost and alone. The
grand idea that there is some magical purpose that we must all
strive to attain, by giving life meaning is hokum, bogus, poppy-
cock. So forget it. Simply reflect on your worth from the memories
stored in your brain. From the moment you first opened your eyes
as a child you have been living on the edge between light and dark.
In making decisions about life you use what you know to understand
what you don't. And when you understand further you add this to
your collected memories. All these memories of questions made by
your brain build a map within your brains memory banks that colour
just who you are. In a lifetime you make a gazillion decisions
that define your personality and your worth.

So what is the meaning of life ? It is simply the meaning that you
attribute to your understanding of the world as perceived and more
importantly sensed by you. There is no need to look elsewhere for
some grand solution to life. There is no need to validate your own
views and opinions from others. There is no need to seek guidance
from any person on the virtues of living a life in a certain way to
give it more meaning. There is only one meaning and that is the
meaning you have already attributed to all the things you have
experienced. And so YOU and your brain are the meaning of your life.
You are constantly updating that data store by asking questions and
using your brain to assess the answer. Whether you like it or not
you do this all day long. Otherwise you would be that newly born
child each and every day.

So how do you improve your lot? You don't have to. There is no true
measure of what a persons experience should be. You are what you
are, no matter what anyone else thinks. Your stored memories have
made you who you are. And if you are living, breathing and surviving
then you are doing all you need to do. You are not some mystical
character that resides in a make believe world. You are not some
champion of a social media website. You do not have to feel any
lesser a person cus you sense others are better than you. That view
is totally subjective and truthfully your inner self would always
say you did the best you could.

In the end there are no prizes for coming top on death. You will
pass into the void just like every person that enters this world.
However there is one secret to life that I will share. Be honest
to yourself and make sure each day you put one foot into the dark
to test the unknown. The brain just loves the challenge of guessing
outcomes. It is easy to do. Simply set yourself a goal, no matter
how insignificant, and make some predictions of outcome and test
your theories. Nothing taxing, and can involve literally anything.
If you spend each day setting yourself little challenges you can
enjoy the satisfaction of little wins. In addition you learn stuff.
Doesn't matter what it is. Nothing ground breaking, just a personal
test. Pick a subject you have an interest in and try to recall why
this mattered to you, and seek out some of those things that you
may have forgotten. And then maybe if you feel brave, maybe acquire
something from your past and see if you can give meaning to it. In
turn you revitalise and  stimulate parts of your brain that have
sat dormant maybe. Trust me when I say you will soon be back to
where you were. Maybe then you find an avenue out of this into
somewhere the brain has never been. Take a ride through your own
memory banks... I think you will be most surprised at what you find.

I am going to finish now with the image on this page of Clara Veiga.
The image was captured on an Amiga and created also on the Amiga.
It neither is current or even a true representation of the original.
However it captures a moment in time. The shapes on the left are
people. If you study them hard enough I bet you could give shape
to people and maybe imagine what they are like and extend that to
conjuring up your own view of their lives. You do this every day
with the people you see in the world you populate. In this image
though you are being asked to make judgement on vague shapes.

Moving to Clara she is looking at you. She has only possibly three
shades of grey making up her eye and yet it is clear she is human and
she is looking at you. She is a model on a catwalk. She stopped at
the end of her walk and is looking at you. The moment was captured
by the Amiga and it is possibly the only image of its kind. But it
captures not only a moment in time, but also the moment Clara
looked directly at the camera. But in the image she is looking at
you... from 2003.

She is asking a simple question ' Can you see me? '. Trust me,
that is all she is thinking. And why, cus it's the question we all
ask of others each and every day of our lives. The words are
significant, and I want you to reflect on just what power they hold.
All that you know, and all  that you are is the product of your sensing
a world. They are simply electrical impulses trapped in your brain
stimulated by your senses. Most important to all of us is the
assumption that everyone senses your world just as you see it. The
truth is they don't. And that is why your meaning to your life is so

So reflect on that question ' Can you see me?' It is the most
important query you can make each and every single day. Cus one
day nobody will see you and you will then occupy somebody else's
meaning as a memory. Don't waste you life. Make sure as many people
see you for real before your demise, and not as pixel art on some
nobodies blog.

Give meaning to your own meaningful life and maybe stop seeking
validation from a bloody telephone.

No surprise that Clara was image number 42 today.

These are my words. And who am I? I am scuzz. Meaningless !!

Giving meaning to a meaningless life.

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