ScuzzBlog: Diaries April 2022

Entry 25th April 2022: Post 1: SkyChase - PowerPlay fillers.

SkyChase - PowerPlay fillers.

This is the second game to arrive in respect of my PowerPlay
collection. This time a high flying shooter where you nominate
a fighter jet to take on aerial combat 'TopGun' style. Created
by Image Works and their first title for MirrorSoft, it is in
truth a pretty solid game. albeit a bit light on graphics and
plot line. You simply have to pit your wits against a computer
simulated fighter jet and take it down.

So did I play the game ? Did I **ck!! Not likely as truly I am
completely useless at any game like this. Was interesting to
load it up and see what it looked like. But as to actually
competing in the air... not gonna happen.

Anyhoo I got hooked playing cards as you will see from the next
of my game blogs. I did find some more porn, following on from
my recent blog about sex on the Amiga. But then I am pretty sure
that the chick in Quantox, doesn't actually look like that add.

Sorry for the lightweight blog but I have a game of poker on
the go which is way more interesting.

SkyChase - PowerPlay fillers.

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