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Entry 25th April 2022: Post 2: Teenage Queen - Strip Poker.

Teenage Queen - Strip Poker.

I'm in love.. I am such a sucker for a pretty face. The young
lady in question is Teenage Queen and seriously the aim of this
game is to get her knickers off. In fact you are gonna be very
surprised to learn that she takes all of her clothes off. Sadly
I am not very good at poker so I finished up sitting around in
just my socks all day long.

This is a surprisingly addictive game. The hands of poker are
anything but predictable and as you play the game it just gets
harder. The aim is to get the young lady to take off her clothes.
When she has used up all her cash the picture changes to a more
scanty version of the girl. The images are crude drawings and
not that brilliant, but when you struggle to capture that pot
then any form of titillation will do.

The girl teases you with what I assume are French phrases. She
really does start to wind you up as you fail over and over to
get her to reveal herself. And when she starts putting her kit
back on you become more determined to win your hands. Trouble
is you really can't beat a computer at cards, cus it cheats.

Anyhoo... This game was and is a great way to kill the odd few
minutes when you have nothing better to do. I have never gotten
any further than seeing her knickers, but I am told she does
strip naked. Risky business this Amiga gaming. Shame I have such
a terrible poker face. Never mind.

The game is Teenage Queen from Ere International. I am yet to
understand what the data disk is for.

Teenage Queen - Strip Poker.

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