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Entry 26th April 2022: Post 1: Amiga Tanx, Scorched-Tanx and Tanx 'n' Stuff.

Amiga Tanx, Scorched-Tanx and Tanx 'n' Stuff.

OK just a quickie tonight. Amiga PD game originally by Gary the
'TANX' Robertz from 1991 and featured on the cover disk for May 91
Amiga Computing. Together with a various other versions and
again all distributed on Amiga magazine coverdisks.

TANX and Scorched-Tanx is kinda Worms with a tank. Same basic
idea which involves working out your trajectory and power taking
into account wind speed. Then try to target your opponent.

I am sure there was a much better game than this but I'm blowed if
I can find it. I'll try again when I get a minute.

So are they worth playing? I am really the wrong person to ask
ask I'm currently playing Detroit on the PS4. I really don't do
retro sadly. I have an interest in old games, but that's about
it. I truly find retro games very dull.

Anyhoo back to my android crime fighter who is almost human.

PS I found a note inside one of the Amigas from a guy who was
obviously working out his PD disk order. Know the feeling.

Amiga Tanx, Scorched-Tanx and Tanx 'n' Stuff.

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