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Entry 8th August 2017: Post: 1

Thought I'd seen everything


Thought I'd seen everything.

PT-1210 Mk1 Protracker Turntable Software for Amiga RELEASE VIDEO

quote .... ' Published on 20 Apr 2014

PT-1210 Mk1 is a software for your Commodore Amiga which turns your 
computer into a .MOD format digital turntable for you to play live at 
shows and DJ sets.'

PT-1210 Mix Modules with two Amigas . First ProTracker player aimed at 
live performance for DJS and live musicians. Features accurate replaying 
of most (if not all ) ProTracker modules. Real time sample repitching 
for bmp changes like on real turn tables / CDJS. Features channel 
muting. Fully keyboard operated. Pattern line navigation. Line looping 
effects. And it runs pretty much on any Amiga.

Kinda reminded me of this.. magic music

That's bopping !!


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