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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 9th August 2017: Post: 3

An afternoon with the girlfriend


I was mucking around with the CP/M installation on the A4000 trying to 
make sense of it all when I decided to fire up the A500 and play around 
a bit. I have a whole bag of disks ranging from demos to mods to games 
on the top here and as ever I just lost myself in it all. So much so 
that I decided to take a photographic journey though the afternoons fun. 
I have uploaded the images to the website and if you are reading this 
from the website then they appear below.

On that CP/M thang I struggled with where I should be putting one of the 
files and I was advised accordingly..

No, no, no, not directory "AS:", but in step "2)" it states: COPY the 
appropriate CPU version into that newly created directory (from step 1, 
"Work:Emulators/CPM2.2"). So for you, with a 68040, that would be the 
amigaz80.040 file that would be copied over as "Z80".

Copy over the files: Authors.README, disk.cpm, menu, Uploaders.README,, & z80.ram into directory Work:Emulators/CPM2.2

Happy days.


Down the rabbit hole .. Yet again !!!

First we go through the checks

Who would have been a bootblock in the 500 era

Who's Bad

Calling Radio Poland

Taking the piss out of the Atari. As ever

Some cover disk fun


That is one classic bit of music

Time for the fishes

It really is a like a lucky dip

Yes blah blah.. Get on with it Fred

Man I hope he gets his revenge

Press the mouse before the countdown reaches zero

I warned you

Aint that the truth.. Bopping

Not just one DefJam

The mighty THR


Just waiting to get the boot


Skip that last part

Ready and waiting

Still waiting

Sorry wrong disk

No.. that's not right either

Much better

What the ?????

And that's about as good as it gets

I found another Klondike

Playing with myself again

Please !! Not in front of the girlfriend

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