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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 10th August 2017: Post: 2

Playing pairs with disks


As a kid we used to spread cards out all over the floor and turn them 
over two at a time to try and match up pairs. I'm sure you have played 
the game in your time. I moved all the magazine cover disks to one side 
so I could dig through the vast mountain of copy disks. These are games 
disks that came with various computers that I have purchased over the 
years. Thing is I would only find like two or three of a set of four 
disks and then need the last. So I would have Syndicate disks one and 
three and need two and four. Now multiply this by a thousand times and 
what I have is the biggest game of pairs ever. Spread out over every 
flat surface upstairs I had the disks and it was just a case of matching 
up the sets. I also have boxes elsewhere to sort through.

' Now where did I put that Desert Strike Disk II ? ' Sad when you are 
short of one disk and know its hiding somewhere. Took me all afternoon 
but I managed to find most sets.

I have been fortunate also to have been the beneficiary of a number of 
collectors sets of disks and they generally are identifiable by the way 
the labels are written. One very good set of disks have very small 
labels and the guy wrote equally small. Incredible quality of disk and 
because of the label easy to identify. Another guy used a red marker to 
number every disk and again those are easy to identify. It is little 
surprise that disks that have poorly worded or badly written and damaged 
labels very often hold dreadful disks which muck up my drives. I have a 
very tall stack of disks and never use them

Anyway onwards . Pictures on the site of all the fun today.


Welcome to cover disk mountain and yes that is
three boxes of Blizzards thar ...

Two Amiga 4000ds in the background being used
as shelves for the disks and such

Many of the disks are still in their plastic
sleeves from the front of the magazines. Note
the CD32 Communicator up top.

Not just disks but also discs. Though my actual
CD collection is on a shelf down the stairs due
the weight of the discs.

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