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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 12th August 2017: Post: 2

Surprising Games

[ Diary Entry ]

Ploughing through the disks and I have amongst the towers of disks 
various boxed games for the Amiga. I say boxed, they are the plastic 
case type that look like oversize cassettes. I was logging the various 
disks away and then opened one called Hostages. Not only wasn't it an 
Amiga disk , but inside to my surprise was a 5.25" disk for the C64. I 
did laugh.

Anyway.. I set the game to one side and carried on. This time to a game 
called Star Trek Rebel Universe. As I opened the case to remove the 
quite thick blue book out popped something which was not a 3.5" disk. 
You guessed it , a cassette for the C64 again. What am I like. The 
manual is incredibly well detailed and I have watched some extracts on 
YouTube. Amazing really.

Anyway pictures below for your interest.


Hostages Infogrames

Hostages Infogrames

Not an Amiga disk

Star Trek Rebel Universe

Star Trek Rebel Universe

Star Trek Rebel Universe

Would not fit into the Amiga

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