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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 14th August 2017: Post: 2

Warts and all

[ diary entry ]

If you have been reading the blog diary entries you will know that I 
have been steadily going through all the disks in the collection , 
cataloguing and numbering them all. I have now entered the next stage 
where I need to catalogue all the rogue disks in the collection. These 
are disks of questionable origin given that they came with computer 
collections and no doubt have various copies of software and games. They 
also are often in a poor state.

To read these disks you kinda need a second generation Amiga as in the 
A500 running 1.3 and a disk drive that works but you are not too fussed 
about bunging up with crap. And so it was time to cobble together some 
old kit, warts and all , and prepare to venture onto the mountain that 
is cover disk heights.

I started with a 500Plus and the GVP and then settled on the base 500 
with a 590 running 1.3 [ see previous posts ] Slowly I have assembled 
all the kit and now have a working setup which I am comfortable with. 
Trouble is I kinda just now get distracted by playing the games. There 
are hundreds and hundreds of these disks. I have bundled them into piles 
depending on the quality of the disks. Also some large sets have the 
same hand writing on so are identifiable as by the same author. I like 
to keep sets together. I do have a very large plastic tub full of 
rejected disks.

Most popular games that appear over and over... Desert Strike and Cannon 
Fodder plus Lemmings. Just saying.

I make no apology for the yellow nature of the kit. It is old now and 
getting older. Always looks worse in photographs than it really is. I 
just never notice it to be honest.

[ Images below for those interested ]

First up the GVP with 2.1

Next a 2nd GVP with 1.3

Settled of a 590 with 2.1

Ready to take on the task

The mountain of disks await

Set up slowly takes shape

590 working

Processing first set of disks

Buffed up the mousemat

Not very Sensible in truth

Change of plan... moved in a 1.3 500

Found DynaBlaster

Couldn't stop playing DynaBlaster.. Addictive

A new day and ready to rock and roll

A590 with 1.3 running a base A500

Swapped out mouse for original

Sexy blue

All set.. And so to the Mountain.

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