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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 14th August 2017: Post: 3

Anatomy of a brick

[ diary entry ]

I was told recently that the reason the heavier brick for the A500 was 
much heavier is that it was filled with resin. I tend to use these 
heavier bricks on my expanded A1200 setups. Anyhoo I decided to put this 
too the test by opening up a heavy and lightweight brick.

Turns out the heavier brick simply has what is called a 'Tranformator' 
inside which is a basically a very large lump of metal which I assume 
acts as some kind of heat sink. No idea. The lighter box doesn't have 
the ' heavy metal ' component. I also opened up a small A1200 PSU to 
compare components.

Evidently some of the units were shipped with resin infills. No idea 
why. Also some of the heavier bricks have sealed screw caps making it 
difficult to get into them. I have a large brick for an A600 and that 
has a seal warranty sticker over the one screw head.

One point to note for anyone drilling out a heavier brick and that is 
the screws go all the way through the heavy metal Transformator. I am 
told, but don't quote me on it, that they did develop a Tranformator 2 
but a cyborg from the future came back in time and stole it. On the note 
left at the scene were the words ' Hasta La Vista Baby.'

I thought I would add some pictures and they are featured below.


Heavy 500 brick

Inside the heavy brick

The Transformator

Plan view on the heavy brick

The lightweight 500 brick

Inside the lightweight 500 brick

Plan view of lightweight 500 brick

The lightweight 500 brick

A1200 power supply unit

Plan view of 1200 PSU

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