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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 19th August 2017: Post: 2

Back to the Tower

[ diary entry ]

The tower has been a touch flaky to say the least and has a habit of 
rebooting when I am not looking. I decided to go in deep this time. 
First up I removed the monitor port and allowed the connector to lay 
loose as the fitting to the A1200 was not very sturdy. Next I swapped 
out the buffered interface which didn't improve matters so I stayed with 
the old. I then again worked all the connectors making sure that they 
were all well seated. And then finally I swapped out the motherboard. A 
little drastic but hey. Simple job of swapping a base from an Escom era 

That felt better but I was still not certain. I mucked around a little 
more seeing if I could get the machine to reboot. I just sensed that 
when I stand the computer back up, in no time it will fall over again. I 
was rebuilding the standard cased A1200 from the motherboard and decided 
I never really checked the keyboard. I fired up the shell on the tower 
and discovered the right side of the keyboard was not functioning. I 
swapped out the motherboard to another and checked all was working. The 
computer felt better. Dunno why.

I stood the baseboard of the changed motherboard upright and discovered 
that it had already been in a tower. It had the tell-tale notches top 
and bottom. Powered up and the computer worked fine. Interestingly I did 
power up without the Blizzard to start with and she was slower than a 
slow thing with a very good reason for being very slow.

Been running for over an hour now and seems OK. I am going to leave the 
monitor cable loose through the trapdoor as it makes it very much easier 
to lower the motherboard if there are future problems.

I also tested the rebuilt 1200 from the removed motherboard and she 
works fine. The guy that had this board had cut a slot in the back so he 
could drag a ribbon through. The scandoubler flicker fix thingy has a 
male connector on it. The other I have has a female. I tempted to get a 
gender changer and use the 1200 with a PC monitor. Gives me another project.

So two 1200s working this afternoon. Not bad I guess.

Back to the 500 now. Much more fun.


Decided to swap out the motherboard

Monitor port is always loose so will leave
unconnected and loose through trapdoor.

Tried different buffered interface.

Evidence that new motherboard had already
been in a tower from evidence of slots in edge

The power to the motherboard. Seriously.

Until the computer is stable I will allow the
monitor connector to run loose at base of machine
for ease of removal should there be problems

Problem keyboard swapped out

I may change the battery on the Blizzard

The essential ZIP drive for backing up

Later motherboard from the Escom Era

My travel box with essential goodies

Reconnected the old motherboard to an Amiga
1200 case. I cannot have a computer not working

For now I will leave the Scandoubler. There is a
slot in the back of this case so I may run it out
to a PC monitor. Just need a gender changer

Amiga 1200 back together and powered up

She is alive... !!!

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