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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

Entry 27th August 2017: Post: 2

Lure of the Temptress

[ diary entry ]

I do regular checks on the website to see what is popular and what sites 
are linking. I guess I am never that surprised that no matter how 
obscure the image is of a female , say box cover, magazine etc the image 
always scores high on the search. It really never fails. And so to all 
those that visit the site hoping to be lured by the temptress I have 
added these.

Now see if that works.

The Amiga was never that adult in terms of its games. It really is a 
credit to the platform that it created so many fun games without the
adult overtones. Sure there were the odd tongue in cheek type of game
but in truth it was all pretty inncocent and designed so as not to offend

Games today are truly the other way around. Shooters and PvP for the most
part offering most players a very realistic and blood thirsty game style
I am not being critical of this given that I have played any number of 
modern games, and still do, but I sense that to enjoy a real fun family
game these days you gotta fire up the old retro machine

I only feature Cool World here because I just purchased the game to add
to the collection. As for Elvira .. well I found three boxed versions of
her game and have pretty much everything she did. Quite an icon in her day


Lure of the Temptress

Cool World - Back page of CU Amiga
for November 1992.

Cool World - Page 11 of Amiga Power
for October 1992

Cool World - The video

Cool World - The Game Ocean
1992 Paramount Pictures
Kim Basinger - Bradd Pit

Cartoon Land Gone Bad !!

E L V I R A.. ' The crowd roars '
The Fantasy Adventure Accolade 1992

About as risky as it ever got on the Amiga
... or should I say adult

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