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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2017

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When I got to the very last box of stacked tubs in the game section I 
discovered it to be completely full of Amstrad games. Mostly cassettes , 
though some 3" disks, which I have extracted for a play. In amongst the 
plastic boxes I again came across that Sailing game by Activision but 
this time a cassette for the Amstrad CPC/Schneider dated 1987.

SAILING is a game of strategy and simulation designed to capture the 
thrill of competing in top-level sailing competitions . You'll need all 
your wits about you as you design your boat to take part in this 
international challenge.

Out there in the ocean, use your skills as a seaman to steer your yacht 
around the buoys on the course, deciding when to hoist the spinnaker to 
your best advantage. And don't forget to watch out for the weather - 
just one gust of wind can blow your chances of winning . Sixteen nations 
compete - only the strongest can win !

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Sailing Activision 1988

Sailing Activision 1988

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