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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 1st August 2018: Post 01: AMINet

AMINet - So which came first

AMINet is a networking system that allows you to connect anything
up to 200 Amigas together. Each would need the special serial
interface and the cables, but connected in a closed ring they would
all see each other. The system also permits users to talk to each
other by sending messages.

The interface was easy to install and the cables have differing end
connectors so you can't muck that up. Having installed the software
on each machine you set a unique name and node number and you are
good to go. Firing up the software clicks the red light on to the
back of the interface.

File transfer appears to be a single action process and you can't
actually see the other computer. This may have been a useful tool
back in the days of the A500 but sadly it just is not versatile
enough for mass file transfers and interrogation of files on other
computers. In the end I simply plugged my Parnet cable back in an
used that instead.

Certainly worked but not that wonderful in truth. Didn't use it very
long so may have missed some of the functionality.

AMINet Network

Copied a Clara Veiga animation no problem.

In the end I fired up the Parnet which
was way more beneficial and useful.

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