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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 3rd August 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - My new star Part I

Amiga 1200 - My new star Part I

Having installed the new hard drive in Bryoni my Amiga 1200 that
I acquired from Bristol in April 2007, I decided it was time to
give the computer the full works. For me that means an accelerator
and OS3 and the contents of my most favourite software and games.

So buckle your self in for what was a truly magical few days for
me with the Amiga 1200 .... reloaded.

The process is not structured in any specific way and at times
will seem a little haphazard. I tend to go where ever the journey
takes me. That way I am likely to uncover old favourites and even
new adventures.

Amiga 1200 Part I

I have been meaning for some time to
reunite the very wonderful Photon Paint
with its disks and whilst searching for
software for the A1200 I came upon the
original disks.

The first of many disk boxes that
were opened during the loading of
software for the A1200 and home
to Photon Paint 2.

In truth a pretty typical disk box.

I had decided to remove an accelerator
from one of the two 1200s in this room.
However, both these machines have dodgy
hard drives if you recall, and I wasn't
in the mood to turn over one of them for
fear of losing the drive. Just that I
couldn't remember which one had the card.

OK this isn't the machine as I knew the OS.

This is the machine with the accelerator
as it wanted to use a strange WB setting.

I kinda hesitated over the OS on this
computer as I was sick to death with
the OS and was tempted reinstall WB3.1

I actually copied the WB to the Work partition.

And even got out the 3.1 Install disks.

In the end though I decided to leave
the original OS on the hard drive.

However I did remove the accelerator.

Turns out to be a Turbo 1230LC card.

Has a shield fitted to the SIMM.

I noted the change on the machine called A500.

And moved to the new star Amiga Bryoni.

First I had to remove the Power Computing board.

And then fitted the accelerator card.
I would later remove that tape and actually
bend the shielding out of the way.

My temporary cradle support while I set
the card and hard drive up.

Accelerator fitted and secure.

Decided to check the hard drive before
loading up with so much software.

Onward and began by setting up the base
folders for Music, File Management, Software etc.

Decided to hook up the high density drive
so I could read my higher capacity disks.

For this I needed the drives in DEVS/DOSDrivers.

I also needed the CrossDOSFileSystem and
the HighDensityPatch.

The HighDensityPatch in C is called
up with the User-Startup.

OK we now can read 1760K disks.

Which also lets me read PC disks.

Much of my Aminet files are taken off
the PC and to disk.

The compressed file names are not
and issue if you keep a note of what
the files are for on the PC disk.

Extraction is just a case of hitting the
Arc Ext button in DOpus IV.

Here I am extracting the very wonderful
and creative AwnPipe.

Magic bit of software that and great
fun to play around with...

OK so we have the accelerator and
the HD disk drive so we can begin...

Onward to Part II

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