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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 3rd August 2018: Post 02: Amiga 1200 - My new star Part II

Amiga 1200 - My new star Part II

Having installed the new hard drive in Bryoni my Amiga 1200 that
I acquired from Bristol in April 2007, I decided it was time to
give the computer the full works. For me that means an accelerator
and OS3 and the contents of my most favourite software and games.

So buckle your self in for what was a truly magical few days for
me with the Amiga 1200 .... reloaded.

The process is not structured in any specific way and at times
will seem a little haphazard. I tend to go where ever the journey
takes me. That way I am likely to uncover old favourites and even
new adventures.

Amiga 1200 Part II

Going through disks I sometimes find
some of my original artwork.

This is an image I created for an AMOS game.

This is my favourite collection of cover disks.

CygnusEd the text editor.

Invaluable tool disks.


Image Engineer and MainActor.

DOpus IV.


Info and DataNexus.

Everything by Softwood.



IconCopy and Iconian.

PicView and DataTypes.

PPaint 4 though PPaint 7 is better.


And Valhalla and Dreamweb. If you only
ever play two games from cover disk.

And my very first Amiga 1200 game.

Terminated !!!!

I have to disable the CPU to play T2.

Not so with Dreamweb.

ARQ is a wonderful little tool.
Has such sexy file requesters.

I drag out some of my animation disks.
All on HD floppy disks.

I am a fashion fanatic as you may well
know and the Amiga fed my passion for
many years allowing me to transfer the
catwalk shows to disk. Here is one of
my favourites for GHOST featuring the
very lovely Karen Mulder.

My many scribblings setting up ASSIGNS.



Man do I love ProTracker.

And then there is BoomBox.

Essential TechnoSound for sampling.

And the unforgettable AlgoMusic which
seriously plays music none stop... NONE STOP !!

MainActor for animation conversion.

Clara Veiga on Fashion TV.

Softwood File as a data base is
second to none. Just couldn't live
without it. And so quick and easy.

Wordworth for all your writing needs.
The software also worked as a DataBase
and you can insert images also.

Archandler was so useful in saving
disk space by storing all your files
and even software in a compressed state.

Numerous picture file converters.

Account Master.

And the truly magical AMOS Professional.

The hours and hours I have spent using this.

This is the game I created using that
picture I featured earlier.

Thumbnail Viewer.

Image FX.

And screen Grabber.....

I am steadily building my catalogue
of Amiga goodies on the new Amiga hard drive
and haven't even dipped my toe in the water yet.

Read on to Part III

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