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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 3rd August 2018: Post 03: Amiga 1200 - My new star Part III

Amiga 1200 - My new star Part III

Having installed the new hard drive in Bryoni my Amiga 1200 that
I acquired from Bristol in April 2007, I decided it was time to
give the computer the full works. For me that means an accelerator
and OS3 and the contents of my most favourite software and games.

So buckle your self in for what was a truly magical few days for
me with the Amiga 1200 .... reloaded.

The process is not structured in any specific way and at times
will seem a little haphazard. I tend to go where ever the journey
takes me. That way I am likely to uncover old favourites and even
new adventures.

Amiga 1200 Part III

OK I have all my base folders in place
and starting to fill up very nicely.

Time for some classic games.

Ishar 2.

Blade of Destiny.



I have a folder with all my saved
games including my quite massive
cities in SimCity......




PPaint is essential for converting
my jpegs and gifs into IFF/ILBM.

Essential disk tools and decrunchers.


Whilst I don't have Ethernet I can
still read all my old mails. These are
stored in various folders. Dates from
years on the groups and still holds
some incredibly valuable information.

Assign now in place and folders found.

May as well load MIAMI into the system.

All the time more folders and more of
my icons added to the Work folder.

My most treasured VidiAmiga. Probably
my most used bit of software. Cost me
100 with the digitiser in 1994.

Images are captured today using DvD
but back then I used a video player
with a single frame forward play. I used
a Panasonic with a joggle wheel on the
front of the player. And it cost a fortune
to have a video player that had such
stable images in slow playback. .

My current SONY has the joggle on the
remote and is also capable of single
frame progression. Which for a video
tape player is very difficult. Trust me.

The very lovely Nikki Taylor on the
catwalk of Ralph Lauren from all
those years back. Black and white
yet still very informative for
the period and classic memories.

Recorded at a time when I was heavy
into fashion design and had my own label.

An A4 very heavy manual for Blitz 2.

Both heavy in physical size and heavy
on the content. Still very essential though.

I love the Okee Dokee touch.

And who would be without Heddley.

Notepad creators.

Final Word.. Man I have 'FINAL' everything.

So easy to copy icons of software with IconCopy.

Double checking with magazines of the day.
I have both the covers and the actual software
so I check whether the file copy or the original.

By now I wanted to flag this computer
so I could recognise her from the top
so I gave Bryoni her red star.

Disk Master.


Time for some music and SuperJAM
with that bonkers keyboard.

Time to fill up with samples and mods.

SuperJam, MusicX and OctaMED.

TigerCUB and Bars and Pipes.

Classic titles all of them.

OctaMED for all your TOONS.

Music on the Amiga is so easy
and so rewarding.

And then we have the demo makers.
What would an Amiga be without demos.


I could play with VideoTracker for hours.

Anywhooooo.. Bryoni is becoming the
real thing now and starting to take on
a life of her own...... Onward !!!

Read on to Part IV

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