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ScuzzBlog: Diaries August 2018

Entry 3rd August 2018: Post 04: Amiga 1200 - My new star Part IV

Amiga 1200 - My new star Part IV

Having installed the new hard drive in Bryoni my Amiga 1200 that
I acquired from Bristol in April 2007, I decided it was time to
give the computer the full works. For me that means an accelerator
and OS3 and the contents of my most favourite software and games.

So buckle your self in for what was a truly magical few days for
me with the Amiga 1200 .... reloaded.

The process is not structured in any specific way and at times
will seem a little haphazard. I tend to go where ever the journey
takes me. That way I am likely to uncover old favourites and even
new adventures.

Amiga 1200 Part IV

Many programs and software titles first
appear as cover disks and then later
I acquired the full package. MiniOffice
seems to have been with me from the very
beginning and simply a wonderful suite.

So many image converters.

Awash with so many fantastic disks.

Disks where the authors take great
pleasure in advising and informing.

Time to play... Football Glory.


Flight of the Amazon Queen.

Simon the Sorcerer.



Sensible had so many problems with
Sensible Golf.. even the cover disks
didn't work and had to be issued again.

Universe. Endless Universe.

Games overload now...

Theme Park.


Bubble and Squeak.


Uridium... Simply the best of the best.

Final lap ....


The aptly named Demo Maniac.

A sprinkling of PD.

And finally EdWord and I decided to
press pause at that point.

And so the A1200 new hard drive was
starting to look like a classic machine
suitable for my use. I really cannot be
using an Amiga without a hard drive and
so I have been getting a few more 2.5" drives
and plan upgrading my A1200s so they have new.

That was that .. Oklee Doklee

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